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 Subject: Loading Combs for Sequencers
Date: 17 Jun 1997 08:24:34 -0700
From: Dr Mick Jones,
Organization: BIOSCI International Newsgroups for Molecular Biology
Newsgroups: bionet.genome.autosequencing

Hi Everybody
I posted a query at the end of last month about the use of a porous comb
for the rapid (and potentially very easy and painless) loading of
samples onto sequencing gels.
The relevant article from Ansorge's group at the EMBL, Heidelberg, was
published in Nucleic Acids Research (volume 25 (issue 11) pages 2229 -
2230, year 1997). All that is said that the material for the comb was
made from MV Cellulose-Mischester from Macherey-Nagel or Nylon membrane
from Boehringer Mannheim.
Does anybody know the catalogue numbers for these membranes, their
cost? Can the combs be re-used? Will they need washing with acid or
alkali to regenerate a usable comb?! In particular has anybody else
tried this method?
I have emailed Ansorge, but I am awaiting his reply........
The Sanger Centre WEB pages ( and link to the
poeple and hence to the development group) have a page on loading with a
comb, but the link doesn't work yet, as they have just updated their WEB
As this development seems to be extremely relevant for automated
sequencing, I am amazed at the lack of discussion on the newsgroup, or
is everybody too busy using the combs to be able to read the newsgroup
and reply :-)
The ability to load a comb on the bench and then insert it ontop of the
gel seems to be a big adavantage to loading a gel in the apparatus with
flat tips and trying not to spill over into the next lane, while at the
same time explaining to somebody enquiring about their sequence run to
go away as what I am doin gis extremely delicate and requires a lot of
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