Genoese Recipes

Focaccia - Fugassa- Tart
Knead a fairly thick paste with 500 grams of white flour, a pinch of salt, few drops of olive oil and as much water as is needed
Roll it out and put it in a well oiled baking-pan.
Imprint teh surface with fingers, add some more olive oil and salt and put in a hot oven. There are many different kind of FOCACCIA: in some zones very think slices of nonionare spread over the dough, Elsewhere rosmarin or ground black peppered is sprinkled over it
Farinata - Farinata - Chick-peas tart
Ligurians love farinata of chick-peas very much, even if it's not just a Genova's recipe, but is wide -spreaded in Tuscany and in Sicily.
Dilute in 1 and half liter of water, 500 grams of chick-peas flour and stir very carefully. Let it rest for the whole night.
The following day, remove the skum and stir with a ladle adding a glass of oil and some salt. At this time, spread it in a well oiled pan. Season it with rosmary and put in the oven. Serve very hot.
Pesto - Pesto sauce
The doses I give here, will be sufficient for 800 grams of pasta.
Clean Carefully about 50 leaves of basil, leave them dry and put them in a mortar with two cloves of garlic and a pinch of salt.
Press the leaves againstthe borders of teh mortar in order to melt them, without pounding them. Then, add by little 2 tablespoon of parmesan cheese, or pecorino cheese ( better), and when teh pesto has become a thick pureé, pour it into a tureen, diluting with one and a ahlf glass of olive oil, Pour it little by little, keeping stirring with a wooden spoon. Thus you'll obtain a nice green sauce, fairly think.
Tocco de noxe - Nuts sauce
Six helpings of pasta or of ravioli for meatless day can be seasoned with teh following doses of ingredients of Tocco de noxe:
600 grams of nuts kernels without the outer rind, little soft bread, moistened in water, salt, oilve oil, and curdled milk, 1 leaf of majorana.
Puond accurately teh nuts and the soft bread in a mortar. When they have amalgamated, pour the mixture in a tureen. Incorporate, stirring with a wooden spoon, 4 tablespoon full of oil, a pinch of salt and as much as milk as is needed to obtain a think sauce.
When teh pasta is ready get some spoons of nuts sauce and put it in teh serving pot. Dilute it with few boiling water taken directly from the pot where the pasta were cooked, and stirr to dissolve the sauce. Pour the pasta, and serve hot.
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