"Un gioco per buoni sportivi di tutte le classi, ma non un gioco per cattivi sportivi a qualsiasi classe appartengano"


 R u g b y

An addictive sport, a life style. Once u tried to run, jump, roll over, push, tackle, fall down, stand up and run again, in the cold winter or in some dusty pitch...Once u felt the contact, the battle, the agonism and the friendship, fourteen team-mates around you, the Third Time, the rough but leal game, dirty songs in the pubs, beer and parties with your team and the opposite teams, the trips around italy and europe..Well..Once you felt all these sensation, it's tough to stay away from them, u can't simply forget them. That's why I'll dedicate these few and simple pages to the King of the Sports, to this marvellous game known as Rugby.

I used to play as Number 8, in the Back Row for many years, in italian: TERZACENTRO. I played in the last years for the Pro Recco Team, a squad based in Genova's Riviera. A Society with a long tradition, always trying to emerge to the notoriety, fighting against some very traditional italian and ligurian sports like soccer and water-polo. In the recent past i played with the more famous CUS Genova, an old and very famous team during the 70s. But my heart and my soul is still linked to my first rugby team, The ASR Rugby Sestri. With them i spent so many joyfull years, i found the real friendship, and on that concrete field where we used to played and where i left so much skin, blood and sweat, i got back a lot of love and simpathy. That was the place where i learned to play. That was one of theplaces where i learned to grow up. Where my love for Rugby began. Rugby and I broke up many times, like a normal couple of lovers, but our union, after 15 years, looks to be stronger year after year..just like an old couple.

OK, after all these words, i have to say that i couldn't be very exaustive about rubgy, since the WWW world is full of sites dedicated to this sport. But i tried to find some memorabilia, some curios stuff, some files and some interesting links that maybe, could be interesting for you. So, please, go ahead and enjoy. And if you're looking for something specific, well..write me, maybe we could join our effort to find it. Ciao!



Some files for you

  • Cullen wallpaper res:1024/768
  • All Blacks wallpaper res:1024/768 (right click to save) preview
  • Hakaface wallpaper res:1024/768. L'ho fatto io (right click to save). preview
  • RWC99wallpaper (256k): wallpapers dedicated to Rugby World Cup 1999... who knows where i found them...


     All Blacks. My favourite international squad

  • Jonah Lomu ed il pescioneNEW ADIDAS ADS (1.7 Mb) MOVIE
  • All Blacks Advertisement RWC99 - 30 secondi (1.1 Mb) MOVIE
  • All Blacks Advertisement RWC99 - 60 secondi (2.1 Mb) MOVIE
  • HAKA: film (6.4 Mb) of the very famous war dance
  • or a AU version or even in MP3
  • The Captains: MOVIE Release del nuovo sponsor degli All Blacks (6.0 Mb)
  • All Blacks Screensaver. for MacOS (circa 6 Mb), or PC (1.07 Mb)
  • All Blacks Home Page.
  • ADIDAS: Adidas pages dedicated to their new testimonial
  • Scotland
    MP3 di Flower of Scotland (thanks to Markrukko who travelled in Scotland). rename in mp3
    Flowers of Scotland (lyrics and sound) Unfortunatly just a MIDI file
    Scotland The Brave. midi.

    Wayne Shelford. DEFINATELY THE BEST Number 8 in rubgy history. Write me if you have anything about him
    Sean Fitzpatrick. The second best Hooker in rugby history. The first one? BRUZZI!!!!!!


     1999 World Cup
    in Wales
    Official site
     OK, OK, i'm not so patriotic, but since a rugger MUST sing his national anthem before the match..well..is better to know every single words of it, what do you think??
      A very old incision   A modern one  
      Collection of draws, pictures, cartoons about Rugby.
    Lots of rare files.
      It was all his fault!: William Webb Ellis  
      Scoring: the evolution
    Rules of rugby per chi non avesse dimestichezza con l'argomento. The Rugby Pitch

    Some Hot Links. even more here Rugby Links

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     Ruggers  On-line catalog
     Per Collezionisti  Curiosita'
     New Zealand Rugby  Non Ufficiale. News e altro
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     Rugby Football Union  Sito Ufficiale Inglese
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     Yahoo Rugby News  News su Yahoo!
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     Un po' di Storia  Riassunto, in inglese

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    Web Rugby

    "Leading By Example"

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