Philadelphia 2000

A lovely tribute to all the friends I met in Philly.
I hope You'll be glad to see your face on the net.
Cast in order of apparence:
Philadelphia, Rossana, Brenda, Marc, Malik, Chicco, Paris, Steven, Raffaella, Lab, Richard, ?, Taku, The Thinker, Francesca, Alfonso, Cecilia, Lincoln, Cape Cod Lighthouse, Francesca, New York, Chris, Buddy, Antje, Sal, Claudia.

philli00 philli01 philli02 philli03 philli04
Phila by Night Deck City Hall Skyline Downtown
philli05 philli06 philli07 philli08 philli09
Logan Square River's Fountain The Cast Lab. Chips Trio
philli10 philli11 philli12 philli13 philli14
Cheesecake Thinkin' WNBA Charlie's Angels Friends
philli15 philli16 philli18 philli19 philli20
Drexel Trip Lincoln Names Forrest Gump
philli21 philli22 philli22desk philli23 philli24
Chips Connection Sunset Sunset Desktop 1024x768 Rhode Island Cape Cod

You can download Sunset @ Cape May (1024x768) and use it as wallpaper, if you want...of course
Come back soon, I'm still scanning a bunch of pix....

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