writer's helpdesk

What is it?

It's your story using 5 fixed words.

We decide the words, you write the story.

You submit the story, we put it on the webpage.

Makes more sense? Not yet?

There are no rules, no restrictions, there is, more importantly, no money (and there goes half the audience...). If you're still here it probably means you paid no attention to the previous statement. We need ppl like you.

We need ppl that enjoy writing, enjoy writing, enjoy writing...basically, that's it. Every month we pick 5 words at random and we put 'em up. What you do wiv those words is up to you. You can write a short story, a not so short story, a poem, The Bible (ehrm...someone's already done that...). When you're done, you e-mail us. We then put your story on our page.

It's basically a way to share what you write. Nothing more than that.

These r this month's 5 words:

  1. Auto-eroticism;
  2. Enigma;
  3. Grocery;
  4. Hair;
  5. Rabbit.
Now get yer braincell(s) working...and have fun!

You still don't get the point? Check out these funky stories other ppl have written using these words.

Be warned! The new words r coming out every 1st of the month. And October is here...and so r the words. Enjoy!

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