Monday, 21 April 2003


Apple DVD Player 3.1.x (Jaguar)

MacOS X 10.1 includes the first X-native version of Apple DVD Player.
With MacOS X 10.2 Jaguar Apple decided to introduce a new version (ADP 3.1.x) without machine chack. BTW MacOS X installer dosen't install ADP 3.x on unsupported machine: check FAQ to understand howto install ADP 3.1.x. (Thanks to Antonio Carlos)

More infos about using Apple DVD Player on unsupported machines or external DVD-ROM can be found at



Finally I was able to publish some FAQ!

Apple DVD Player 2.7 patch

Update - A new release of ADP 2.7 patch is online. This patch should work with every Radeon PCI.
Thanks to Kevin and Aric.

Apple DVD Player 2.7 is availble for download at Apple Web Site

Region free firmware

The firmware page is a huge archive of region free firmware. If you want to make your DVD drive region free, that's your ultimate site!!!

DVD utilities for MacOS 9

  • DVDinfo 1.0.7, check RPC status of your DVD-ROM
  • DVDreset 1.0b4, iusse a vendor reset on your RPC2 drive
  • Region 1.0.6, see and change region code of your RPC1 DVD-ROM
  • DVDswitch 1.0.2, change region setting to "Region not Set" without user interaction (works only with RPC1 drives)

New releases of those utilities can be found at The firmware page

Xlr8YourMac's Drives Database

Are you looking for a DVD-ROM but you are not sure if it works on Macintosh?
On Xlr8YourMac's Drive Database you can find all infos you are looking for.
Thanks Mike, great job :-)

CD/DVD driver from Intech

Intech released CD/DVD SpeedTools. This new driver support many SCSI devices and works with Apple DVD Player. Everyone had problems with SCSI DVD-ROM can try to use this new driver. A Demo version is available.


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