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Stage 11

from Refuge de La Croix du Bonhomme (2443 m, F) to Rifugio Elisabetta (2200 m, I)

Uphill difference of level / in height: 960 m
Downhill difference of level / in height: 1270 m
Refuges on the way: Chalet des Mottets (1978 m)

Average duration of the path: 4 h 30 min

This is a not very difficult stage; leaving the refuge we walk towards the Col de Fours (2665 m). Despite the storm raging all night long, in the morning the sky is clear and bright; the air is nevertheless freezing and we reach the top of the Col very fast, crossing some snow-fields. We take some customary photographs and make our way towards the Chalet de Mottets (1978 m). Here starts the ascent to the Col de la Seigne (2560 m) winding along grassy ridges at all steep; we reach the top in more or less two hours. From the top of the Col, that signs the border with Italy, it takes us one hour to get to the beautiful Rifugio Elisabetta (2200 m), lying at the foot of the magnificent Aiguilles du Glacier. We enjoy a good dinner and, for the first time in our tour, we get a comfortable bedroom of six beds, all for us.

A snowfield just before the top of the Col de Fours On the peak of the Col de Fours, still covered with snow
An enchanting stream deeo in the rocks along the descent to Le Mottets Gebtianellas along the descent towards Le Mottets
A bit of rest nearby the refuge Le Mottets, before setting off again to reach th Col de la Seigne On the top of the Col de la Seigne : back to Italy !
At the border between France and Italy, a harmless insult towards the France