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Tappa 12

from Rifugio Elisabetta (2200 m, I) to Courmayeur (1228 m, I) (with a deviation to the Lago del Miage; and taking the bus from Visaille to Courmayeur)

uphill difference of level / in height: 50 m
downhill difference of level / in height: 600 m
Refuges in the way: bar and restaurant at the bus-stop at Visaille

Average duration of the path: 3 h

A little bit sad we start for the last stage, at about 9 p.m. First we go across a never-ending plain, that looks like a marsh, full of bogs and little lakes of stagnant water. We leave the path that leads to Courmayeur to get in a few minutes to the Lago del Miage. It is a very fascinating place: the glacier literally "enters" the lake, which is full of little icebergs. We remain there for about one hour, admiring this strange place, and then we start again, direction Courmayeur; and after a long and boring stretch of asphalt road (fortunately cars are not allowed) we get to Visaille. To go on on foot would be quite a stupid thing, because we would have to cover an extremely long asphalt road, full of traffic and turnings. Therefore we finish our tour taking a bus that brings us near the parking where we left our cars twelve days ago.

And to conclude worthily our journey: an extra-large dinner at Entreves by Filippo! (I strongly recommend you to visit the website that will give you an idea of what I'm talking about).

The plane of Combal from the Rifugio Elisabetta Particular of the lake of the Miage