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The promoters of the association Translators for Peace (hereinafter: the Association) have agreed on the following inspirational principles and objectives of the Association. This text has been read and approved by the signatories and will be distributed to anyone who would like to join the Association, provided that they read and approve the text before their formal adherence.

1. The Constitution of the Association
1.1The Association is a free association of translators from all countries and of all nationalities.
1.2 The Association was established by the undersigned promoters in order to publish, as far as possible in every language and by whatever channel, every message against: war in general; and in particular, against the use of war as a means of resolving international disputes.
1.3 The Association was established in the historical context of the war launched by the countries belonging to the Nato alliance against Serbia, in an effort to respond to the lack and distortion of information which the promoters to be the result of the propagandistic wall present in both the countries of the Western Alliance and Serbia.

2. Our Voluntary Commitment
2.1 The promoters and the associate members of the Association undertake to dedicate a portion of their time to translate and publish any useful contribution to tackle and broaden the debate on war; in particular, any information on all that the implications of modern war technologies in terms of costs to human lives, the environment, democracy and human rights.
2.2 Our voluntary commitment intends to move from the present conflict in the Balkans to extend to other conflicts on a global level, with a single fundamental commitment: to maximise communication and dialogue between people and ethnicities, offering our professional competencies and our human commitment.
2.3 The promoters intend to maintain their commitment even when the mass media coverage has stopped and conflicts in every part of the world are forgotten.
2.4 In particular, with reference to the present conflict, the promoters will continue to contribute to translating all types of material on the sufferings of Albanian refugees and of Serbian nationals even when attention given to the conflict by the mass media has decreased, should, as is hoped, a rapid solution to the conflict is reached. With this in mind, attention will be principally focused on documents, published by reliable sources, dedicated to: responsibility in relation to human rights violations; and to crimes against humanity committed by the parties in issue during this war and in other conflicts on a global level.

3. Our professional commitment
3.1 The translators belonging to the initiative undertake to complete their voluntary work with the utmost professionalism, respecting the information contained in the original text and translating it as accurately and as closely as possible to the original text.

4. The choice of texts to be translated
4.1 Each translator belonging to the initiative will have complete discretion in choosing texts to be translated.
4.2 The texts may come from newspapers or magazines, from non-governmental organisations, association etc.
4.3 Priority will be given to texts which are not closely linked to current affairs and which can contribute to expand the debate on the war and its consequences and to inform public opinion. In this way, the public may make a conscious and informed decision against the use of war in all parts of the world and will be in favour of the development of all diplomatic and democratic means for dispute resolution, and in particular the recourse to international organisations and the acceptance of the principles of legality
4.4 Texts which contain information which has not been attributed to precise sources will not be translated
4.5 Preference will be given to documents published by organisations recognised for their reliability and for their commitment to further peace and dialogue between races.

5. The Main Fields of work
5.1 The promoters identify the following as the principal fields of work to which they will dedicate their commitment to translation and the publication of their work: -Democracy and Human rights, -Weapons, -International Organisations, -Environment, -Associations and Ong.
5.2 Particular attention will be focused on the present and future role of International Organisations for the peaceful resolution of international conflicts; in particular, to the role of a future Court on Crimes against Humanity, that the Association hopes will be established and operating in the near future.

6. Means of Publishing the Translated Texts
6.1 The Association will set up a web site which will present the texts translated by its promoters and members. The web site will be published as widely as possible to the media; the latter may use the website freely and free of charge the translated texts provided that they undertake to cite: 1.the source of the translation; and 2,the Association Translators for Peace; and 3.the translator who completed the translation.
6.2 The Association considers that information against war should reach as many people as possible; to this end the Association will try to encourage, in addition to normal channels such as Internet and the press, every occasion to publish informative pieces of work (radio, television, etc)

7. Problems of Copyright
7.1 Texts which are not protected by copyright will be available on the pages of the web site of the Translators of Peace and will be available to be read by anyone who accesses the page.
7.2 Texts protected by copyright will be presented with a brief description of the source and of contents and the means available to the organs of information which they have provided to obtain the right of the copyright from the author and or the newspaper (or the other means) which had published the original text.

The promoters of the Association

Laura Cancellieri, Martina Ciabatti, Claudine Cocozza, Cristina di Gaetano, Giovanni Iacovoni, Fulvio Giglio, Barbara Lassandro, Angelo Magliocco, Claudio Maioli, Laura Martinelli, Valeria Poli, Alfredo Rocca, Andrea Spila, Stefano Spila, Cecilia Tavanti.