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TOTALLY  FLEXIBLE TAILOR- MADE ARRANGMENTS Our trips offer everything from beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife, to cultural experiences and total relaxation or adventure, in both well-known and less -travelled regions, with an extensive choice of accomodation styles.

Reflecting this sheer range of possibilities, we are totally flexible and tailor˛make all our itineraries. Unlike many other companies, this does not mean adding an extra night in a hotel here and there, but carefully planning of exactly what you want. Our itineraries provide food for thought; it is  a collection of travel ideas and sample combinations.From there it is up to you........

To help us to guide you and plan your individual tour, you will need to speak to people who are truly knowledgeable. We are. Tell us what whets your appetite, what your interest are, what you expect, and we will yake the time to listen and try our hardest to create the ideal itinerary for you and your needs.

In short we offer friendly, expert service, supported by quotations of exceptional details. So whatever your plans for a journey with us, or should you simply appreciate our suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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