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Come to Italy, get to know the language and culture, live in contact with history, discover the rich, artistic heritage, visit unusual places and savour enchanted atmosphere! This is Urbania that grew out of the charming, medieval town of "Casteldurante", where a lively tradition of ceramics, developed during the Renaissance that continues today in the numerous art boutiques. Far from the madding crowd, surrounded by nature, embued with a friendly atmosphere, Urbania, near Urbino in the Marche Region, is an unforgettable place for a study holiday, yet is only 50 km. from the Adriatic Coast. The town will welcome you with open arms, inviting you to participate in local activities. You can also take advantage of the local swimming pool, tennis courts, boccia hall, gymnasium, music rooms, and multimedia centre.

The SCHOOL (equipped with a library, and reading and TV rooms) is situated in a beautiful 19thcentury palazzo in the historic town center. The STAFF has a wealth of experience in the organization and management of language schools. The teachers are graduates in Modern Languages and the Humanities and are highly practiced in modern teaching methods for Italian as a foreign language.

The  COURSE comprises 30 lesson (of 60 minutes) per week, in groups of a maximum of 10 students. Groups will be arranged into 4 linguistic levels (from beginners to advanced) following an assessment test. THE COURSE CONSISTS OF grammar, conversation, analysis and discussions of literary texts and newspaper articles, listening comprehension, groupwork, lexical and phonetic development, and viewing of Italian films. Throughout the group lessons, the student's progress will be carefully monitored. Moreover, a teacher is available to discuss individual problems in the open teaching session.

Additional courses, such as Italian cookery, ceramics, and painting, are available at extra cost (see the registration form).



The school also organizes guided mountain bike tours and visits to cities of art (not included in the price). The school offers special conditions for groups and school children, babysitting services for families, and special courses for senior citizens and au pairs.



From Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 12.00 Italian language and grammar lessons

Monday     14.30/17.00      viewings of Italian films

Tuesdy       14.30/16.30      conversation

                    16.30/18.30      open teaching

Wednesday  14.30/16.30     Italian literature

Thursday      14.30/16.30    conversation

                     16.30/18.30    open teaching

Venerd́      14.30/17.00     history of art or poetry readings

Extra class based on student needs



At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be awarded to every participant.


Scuola Italia prepares students for CILS exams which take place twice a year (at the beginning of June and December). The University of Siena for Foreigners is the principal examination center. CILS is an officially recognised instrument of assessment and measurement of linguistic communicative competence, accepted for study and work purposes.

Ferri Roberto

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Cell. 0039/0347/1549757

E-mail: scuolaitalia@info-net.it