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(La RadioTelegrafia e le sue origini)


(The Telegraphy without wires and his origin)




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1° FEBBRAIO 1999
(Lamento all’ufficiale RT)

Meriti e sepolte colpe mi facevan bravo.
Ordini non volevo, ma neppure comandavo.
Dal cuore del mondo, torre d’avorio e magico pulsare,
Esploravo l’etere nell’Immenso che sovrasta il mare.

Cordone ombelicale di rude carne umana
Altrimenti appesa a una speranza, spesso vana,
Languo trafitto da gelide stelle d’acciaio.*

Amavo librarmi al soave ritmar di onde radio
Come loro sospinto da caldi flussi di corrente,
Aleggiar su nostalgie ...spensieratamente.

Urbano Cavina

Forlì, febbraio 1999.

* SATCOM (satelliti per comunicazioni)

1st FEBRUARY 1999 (Lament to the Radio Officer) / Merits and buried faults made me bravo. / Orders I did not want, but not even I gave commands. / From the heart of the world, ivory tower and magical pulsate, / I explored the ether in the Immense that overhangs the sea. / Umbilical cord of rude human flesh / Otherwise hung at a hope, often vain, / I languish pierced by icy steel stars.* / I loved soaring at the gentle rhythm of radio waves / Like them driven by warm flows of current, / Fluttering over nostalgias.... in a happy-go-lucky.


to Clotilde and to Bruna



The development of the Radiotelegraph - TSF (wire-less), finds in the marine atmosphere its true test bench. It was not still passed 19° the century when it began the long series of participations that saw indispensable protagonist for the emergency of the human life in sea. Starts with emissions of radio-waves to dampened spark, then to famous musical-note, persistence (Poulsen), to long-waves and finally, in years 1920, asserts with the metric waves to bundle (short waves) of origin electron-beam. Emissions picked up from the antenna and translated in sound by detectors that from the metallic powders of the coherer reached the valves electron-beams, passing from the magnetic tape maggie, to the electrolytical barretter and crystal cat-whisker.

How much has got to do Marconi with all this?

Is he or is he not the true inventor of the TSF? Which its merits? And which the suppositions that want him as a simple fortunello if not quite a day-dreamer impostor to it? Why a famous English biographer who defines him "authentic Cesar of the ether" sees in he a modern Christopher Columbus?

As well as he came ignored and opposed from means slyness in own house, he was comprised and favoured with a right opportunism in Great Britain. Snobed by the scientific world and discredited by certain press, he imposed himself to strong and often treacherous competitions, before the axe of the reason-state pulled down on the empire of its Company.

Untiring experimenter, continued studies and searches on the propagation of the beacons radio, around the world on the mythical Elettra yacht, candid ship that navigates in the miracle and animates the silences of dannunziana memory (from d'Annunzio Gabriele that was a famous Italian poet before second world-war).

His unexpected and, at least technically, premature death, arrived when, after an interruption of beyond thirty years, he had resumed the study on the reflection of the microwaves that carried to experience that Radio Detector Telemetrico (RDT) premonitory of the radar. Radar that induced Germans and Anglos-American in particular, to front each-other in the ether with astuteness and sagacities that, in the good or the evil, remarkably influenced the outcome of the last world-wide conflict. One analogous function to that one carried out in the war of the 1914/18 from an other great invention all Italian, the Direction Finder (D/F).

But who were the protagonists that wise handled to these magical equipments carrier of a revolutionary arrange of communication? Which the sin original that relegated innovative wireless and its valid operators of the war-navies, on subordinate positions of assigned people often unprepared for the incompatible professional formation? Which, beyond to this, the limits that have prevented to the radio, so preponderant in the field of the telecommunications, to dominate freely on war-ships?

To make contrast there was the adventurous world of the mercantile ships wandering on seas, where to the initial hostility and scepticism for the wireless, it followed the undisputed and full affirmation of the radio communications whose service was assigned entire in the expert hands of qualified and competent men, champions of the safety at sea at the apexes of the ship hierarchy. Which their names, their origins, their enterprises, their merits, their acknowledgments...?

These the main questions, never faced in Italy before now, which I have tried to answer in particular with the aid of short and intense experiences lived on cargo ships, in the tenacious and meticulous search of the origins of the Radiotelegraphy and SEA GOING SPARKERS.


Forlì, February 7th, 2000

…a passionate description of the life aboard and rescue operations at sea … an interesting and involving book …an instructive and pleasant reading which reveals the love of the author for a job full of fascination now faded away (Radio Rivista - the Italian Amateur Radio Magazine - Sept. 2000).

An important text for the passionately fond of radiotelegraphy ... a rich container of historical vicissitudes, in addition to the author's experiences ... nearly like a novel also for a simple reader who never lived the experience of radiotelegraphy. (G. Miserocchi. MH/press 19.10.2000).

… Wireless Operators at Sea, a book which for the first time in Italy wants to enlighten this strange professional figure... in which the author historically reconstructs the birth of radiotelegraphy aboard of ships and the importance of this means for the safeguard of the human life. (A. Borgnino. Il Manifesto 17.09.2000).

… a book that in capillary way historically it travels over, from birth to death, the life of the radiotelegraph... in which the professional figure of the wireless operator stands out for what it has been, fundamental competence for the safeguard of the human life at sea. (Letizia Bracci "Con Voi sul Mare" RAI (Italian Radio Broadcasting) International 7.10.2000).

… I read it without a pause ...the fan of the radio discipline finds on it things and news otherwise nowhere to be found ... even the particular meant that exclamation mark had for radio-telegraphers, which I had been looking for in many papers asking to various involved people. A book to be read. (C. Bramanti. a.i.r.e. - Associazione Italiana Radio d'epoca - n 6, Nov. 2000).

A book unusual …which shows that who represented a branch of the science applied to the theories of Marconi in matter of human lives rescues ...in it emerges the action man, the fighter in far seas, and the attempt to replace in the right place (in Italy) the not understood Marconi... a book better to read than referred. (L. Foglietta. - Il Resto del Carlino, 2 February 2001 - LA PIE', bimonthly magazine, Sept 2001).

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