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What is this?
This GDT (Game Development Team) was founded by me (Luca) to group together the skills and energies of the M.A.G.E. Developers who worked all by themselves. Making a game all by oneself is almost impossible and requires a lot of time and efforts. Making a game together with other people makes it easier. :-)
Our (first) dream is to release ONE game for the next birthday of the M.A.G.E. Engine, which means 21st January 2002 if I am not wrong :-)

28th, January, 2002 - Ok, we're late for MAGE's birthday, but we're woring on Andy2. :-) Be patient... and watch the introduction following the links below. I've put a downloadable version too, I suggest you to use it only if you can't watch the online intro, and I suggest you this because running the downloadable introduction requires MAGE knowledge. :-)
You can downlod the file by clicking here. It's a 436KB .rar file.
19th, January, 2002 - Sorry for the long delay...
Here you'll find the screenplay.
Here you'll find the introduction for Andy2.
Ok, enjoy yourself :-)
5th, December, 2001 - I've made a tutorial regarding scripting and programming engineering... it contains come tips you could enjoy. It's in italian, though... I'll translate it, sooner or later... maybe later...
The tutorial can be read here.
2nd, December, 2001 - WOW! Riktik's made a tutorial for background painting. It's only in italian, but it should be easy enough to understand. Sooner or later I'll translate something to english. :)
The tutorial can be read here and supports both Adobe Photoshop and Jasc Paint Shop Pro.
27th, November, 2001 - There's a new version of Indiana Java in the air... and a new version of the Indiana Java Complete Reference Manual has been uploaded! :)
4th, November, 2001 - Welcome to Danspeed in the team, and we've decided to develop both my (Luca's) project set in the world of Star Trek, and a “sequel” to Riktik's game starring Andy which will be called (yes, you can congratulate on our fantasy) “Andy's New Adventures”. 21st January 2002 draws close... will we be able to fulfill our dream? Tell us “Good luck!” or just join the team and help us ;-)
30th, October, 2001 - After Darth G's disppearing, we've started the development of a new game. We're collecting ideas, and here you can find two possible plots. The first is a better run of my game, the latter is Andy's New Adventures using the character created by Riktik (here you can find Andy's original adventure, an open source game by riktik using MAGE. There's an italian and an english version and soon a spanish version too).
23th, September, 2001 - The official Indyjava Messageboard has opened again, and you can find it here. Welcome back, Chir :-)
4th, Semptember, 2001 - Good news: We're still alive and working on Darth's project. :-)
Bad news: Chir's homepage on Indy3D domain has not been working for over two weeks, if you want, you can find an old mirror here until Chir finds a new host for his site, project and board.
Oh yes, another good news: Riktik, from Nexus Entertainment, has released a new version of the first chapter of his own game WonderWorld. You really should go and download it here. It's AWESOME!
5th, July, 2001 - Uploaded a new web page with the details for Darth G's project :-)
28th, June, 2001 - Uploaded the “Indiana Java Complete Reference Manual”, written by me (Luca) with help from Spyros and Chir some ages ago, but still complete and... very very useful to anybody wanting to use MAGE Script.
You can get it by simply clicking on the link in the left panel.
If you download and use it, why don't you join our team? :-)
26th, June, 2001 - Our official Message Board is online and working! It's meant for the team members to keep in touch and discuss about our peojects, anyway it's public and can be read by everyone! Just remember, if you are not a member of the team, that the Board may contain informations regarding puzzles and the plot of our adventures, so be careful on what you read, if you don't want to lose your suspance playing our games!
18th, June, 2001 - “La Notte degli Inganni” [The Night df Deceit] project added, thanks to Darth G!
16th, June, 2001 - “The Quest for Lizard Island” project added, thanks to Chris!
15th, June, 2001 - Some more team members! :-)
8th, June, 2001 - Team founded. :-)

Current Project(s)
We're developing both Andy's New Adventures and Adventures of a Future Generation as of today. They both are at very early stages and there is no release date yet.

Other Projects
These are the available ideas for games for the Team to develop:
    Adventures of a Future Generation, submitted by Luca (website, short summary)
    The Quest for Lizard Island, submitted by Chris (website, short summary)
    La Notte degli Inganni [The Night of Deceit], submitted by Darth G (website, short summary, details)
    Andy's New Adventures, born from Riktik's Andy and Luca's plot. (short summary)

Team Members and Positions
Active Members:
  • Luca, M.A.G.E. scripting, Plot writing.
  • riktik, Colouring, M.A.G.E. scripting, Plot writing, Background painting.
  • Chris, Background painting.
  • Danspeed, M.A.G.E. scripting, Plot writing.
Inactive Members:
  • Darth G, M.A.G.E. scripting, Plot writing. (Darth, what happened to you? Are you alright?)
Help Needed:
    Characters painting, Backgrounds painting, Music selecting/composing, M.A.G.E. scripting, Plot writing: there will always be a place for you :-)

Contact the team
If you think you could help our project with your skills, or would like to join the team to be helped in your project, write an email to Game Development Team telling us what you can do and what are your ideas!

Note: The M.A.G.E., the engine we use, was developed by Chir. Click here for his website.