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of Various S.Ghilardi, A.Migliavacca and

E.Salmistraro years ago the international press published esultante the news of the ritrovamento of the design of one modern probe in a picture of 1500. A clear test that the UFO already had been sights to you in the past. But it was truly therefore?

From many years a special section of the given over ufologia to the search exists and to the study of possible sights of unidentified flying objects to you in the remote past or in any case front to 1947, given of " the official " birth of the modern ufologia. This branch of study has been renamed clipeologia, taking to loan from the Latin biographers the term " clypeus " or shield, from the analogous shape to modern " discs " Sights of UFO in the past (that is, clipeologici sights) exist some very many, in the literature specialistica. Also too many. Without wanting to remove validity to these cases, it is useful to place the accent that good part of testimonies UFO of the past can find, as of the rest happens also with part of the contemporary casuistry, one conventional explanation. Just the search of those little " good " cases must push the investigators to analyze with serene mind and open heart the testimonies of the past, without topic to refute cases classics but it is made. The true search, indeed, is based on the serious casuistry and objective and on it does not make mysteries feeds to you from ufologi not already but from sensazionalisti writers of little scrupoli.

One of the Italian clipeologiche testimonies between most accessible - and those mainly complex - does not find all ' other head of the world, in inaccessible localities (like good part of the feints clipeologici mysteries) but in the neighbor basilica of S. Peter in Montalcino, between splendid senesi hills. We are speaking about a rinascimentale painting of 1595, attributed to Bonaventura Salimbeni and representative the S.S.Trinitą and other figures of the Christian tradition. That that hits the attention immediately dell ' observer is an object place to the center of the painting, of spherical shape apparently of metallic material, with two silver auctions placed on the advanced semisphere and a small cylinder white man grafted in the inferior semisphere. This object what remembers? According to various authors, a modern satellite artificial, similar to the Soviet Sputnik or Vanguard II American (launch on ending of years ' 50). But that it makes a modern satellite us in a rinascimentale picture?

Possible E' that in the XV° century l ' author has seen or come to acquaintance of all that? And if that were true, which of it would be the origin? Impossible to say it, but we point out that an analysis it was difficult also for the sparsity in the details of the photographic material until to published hour. A inspection for being able has become therefore necessary to release numerous photographies using of a zoom appropriated in order to concur to focus, in narrow, particular fields more adapted to one meticulous analysis.

The photographies evidence of the details much specify.

  1. the auctions appealled from the two figures rest directly on the surface of the sphere, without particular head of splice;
  2. the shadows projected from the auctions would seem generated from one source of light coinciding with the sun place to the center, in the advanced part of the sphere;
  3. the two auctions seem long equal and that one appealled from Christ introduces one small cross of red color, to the advanced extremity;
  4. the sphere introduces two lines perpendicular parallels on the Equator, two lines incidents to these, and a line that seems of welding in the left part;

5. the sphere is colored with variable tonalities of blue, gray and green;

6. in the inferior part, on the left side we observe a small cylinder white man, with the visible base of the same color of the surface of the sphere.

Interesting E' to introduce the interpretation of the ufologo romeno Ion Hobana, great expert of clipeologia and author of the optimal volume " Enigme pe cerul istonei ", second which the object would be an ancient map of the world, representative the Created one, in which the sun is visible and a primitiva shape of marking of the meridians and parallels; moreover the small cylinder would be the hinge for being able to fix to a support the sphere. An example of the entirety is visible in one knows it in Vatican.

From the analyses carried out on the photographies and the painting originates them cannot be gained elements that make to suppose a ufologico event, while they have been finds numerous points to you in common with Greek-orthodox religious raffigurazioni. In many icone coming from from the Countries of the East it is possible to notice spheres with the same symbols and tracings, accompanied or from the single figure of the Christ or from all the Trinitą.

Obviously the last word goes left to criti to us of art or to the teologi that they will sure know to illuminate the interested ones with one more it completes trattazione on the meant one of the work.


Searches and executed analysis give:

Samuele Ghilardi, Amos Migliavacca, Elenio Salmistraro.

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UFO News n°3 - May 1996 - National Ufologico Center - Lombardic Section


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