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IK0WRB Radio Page

The Amateur Radio Computer

Wavelength Calculator

Wavelength (meters)
Wavelength (feet)
Frequency (MHz)

Resonance Calculator

Inductance (µH)
Capacity (pF)
Frequency (MHz)

The Ohm's Law

Voltage (V)
Current (A)
Resistence (Ohm)

Air Condensers Calculator

Surface (square cm)
Separation (mm)
Capacity (pF)

Coils Calculator

Adapted from a Basic program by KA4KNG, David E. Powell
Input Values
Desired inductance (µH) Wire diameter (mm) Diameter of coil form (cm)
Output Values
Overall coil diameter (cm) Average coil diameter (cm)
Depth of coil (mm) Length of coil (cm)
Length of wire (m) Number of layers
Number of turns Number of turns per layer
Actual inductance (µH) Coil DC resistance (Ohm)

Worldwide Locators

Latitude (degrees.decimals) Deg. Min. Sec.
Longitude (degrees.decimals) Deg. Min. Sec.

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