Who is IK0WRB, Vinicio Coletti

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I live in Italy and I work as programmer somewhere in the government area. I've been programming computers from late seventies both in mainframe and PC environments. My main hobby is amateur radio and I wrote some programs probably useful to support this activity.
In 1995 we celebrated the Centenary of the Guglielmo Marconi invention that made possibile to use radio, television, radar, radio-astronomy and so on.
It was at that time that I decided to open this site, to give newcomers basical information about amateur radio and its wonderful features. The site was first opened on www.webcom.com/vcoletti, then transported on a couple of Italian Internet providers.
You can contact me in several different ways:
A popular Latin sentence
"Manubrium umbellae quibus qui mihi mala volunt"
Marcus Tullius C.

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