Name: Andrea (Andy)
Place of Birth: Milano
Date of Birth: 14-05-1976
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 65 Kg
Currently: Student in engineering and, like the guy on the left, still with plenty of question marks regarding the future. Unlike him, food is not such a problem, though :-)

In most 'about me pages' people love to write down likes and dislikes, so here's my point of view as well! (based on the ordinary university day):
  Cold and sunny weather, living 5 minutes away from university, math. analysis and informatics, playing broom (card game), lunch breaks, Italian and Chinese food ('half of me' is from Taiwan), my Pentium 75, Emlyn Hughes 18 minutes' cup, Internet (whether it's Html or Java or electronic mail or free downloads), the Opera 2.12 browser, killing time, study procrastination, exams (the tension and pressure that precede them and the freedom that follows), going to bed early (although I always fail to), night stillness
Alarm clocks, rainy days, unreadable blackboards, professors tapping on the microphone (to catch student's attention), stochastic processes, computers refusing to co-operate, missing system 'dll's, Internet provider disconnecting me, phone bills, time flying, time that doesn't seem to pass, having to play catch-up with university books and papers, sleepless nights spent on those books


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