Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the site a hoax? What the s**t is this f***ing ziqqurat?

    This site is actually the most serious one I ever created. Since you can make a site memorable either with some originality or an incredible graphical layout (but I wrote it with a Pentium75, where it's recommended you stick with Notepad and IrfanView) or interactivity (but how am I going to drag Penelope here?!), I chose the former solution.

  2. What is your next movie? can you send me an autograph?
  3. I'm not Penelope, nor have I heard from her (at least, not explicitly), so how can I answer you?

  4. When is the site updated?
  5. Not very often, I'm afraid. Since nobody pays me, I'll probably update the site whenever the Italian TV is kind enough to show a movie with Penny on TV. Let's just say that it will be the way to silently say "thanks!" to them.

    PS: Some time ago, half of the guestbook got accidentally erased by the Not my fault, nevertheless I apologize to WebMonkey, Penelope and all other former signers. And in Italian ziqqurat and ziggurat are equivalent.

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