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BLACK & WHITE development times tables

The tables give development times for both manual processing film. The development times are intended as a GUIDE ONLY and may be altered if a different result is required.

To use the tables, determine the meter setting used, then choose the developer and dilution, and read off the development time. This time has been found to give the best quality with that meter setting in that developer.


Agfapan APX 25

Agfapan APX 100

Agfapan APX 400


Neopan 100 Acros

Neopan 400

Neopan 1600


PAN F 50 Plus

FP4 125 Plus

HP5 400 Plus

Delta 100

Delta 400

Delta 400 NEW

Delta 3200

SFX 200


PLUS-X Pan 125

TRI-X Pan 320

TRI-X Pan 400

T-MAX 100

T-MAX 400

T-MAX P3200

Technical Pan


High Speed Infrared

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