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Argentina Aviation Museum



Australian Naval Aviation Museum

Hinkler House Memorial Museum & Research Association

Aviation Archaeology in Australiasia and the South Pacific

HARS - Historical aircraft restoration society

Military Aircraft Crashes in Australia during WW2

RAAF Museum



The Belgian Aviation Archaeology Group

Fonds National Alfred Renard*

Brussels Air Museum Restoration Society*

Royal museum of the army and military history - Brussels
Oorlogs-museum Overloon  



Museu de Aeronáutica do II COMAR

Museu Aerospacial - Rio de Janeiro

Museus da Aeronáutica e Folclore



Aerospace Museum - Calgary

Aerospace Museum - Toronto

Canadian Museum of Flight

Canadian warplane heritage museum

Dr. Bomb bay - Halifax recovery in Belgium and Norway

Moore Aviation Restoration - Breslau

National Aviation Museum - Ottawa

Western Canada Aviation Museum


ADDRESSES of USA & Canada aircraft museums



The Aviation Museum of Denmark

Zeppelin Museum in Tonder

Danish Collection of Vintage Aircraft

Danish Dakota Friends

Draken Team Karup

Luftwaffe in Denmark - History and crash sites


Finnish Aviation Museum

Central Finland Aviation Museum

WWII aeroplane wrecks in northern area of Finland and Norway

Kymi's flying museum of Karhula Flying Club - unofficial homepage

Kymi's flying museum of Karhula Flying Club - Official homepage



ANSA The Normandy Aviation Archaeology Group

Le Plateau de l'Ardennay - La Ferte Alais

Musèe de l'air et de l'espace - Le Bourget

Musée Aéronautique de la presqu'île Côte d'Amour

Musee du Terrain d'Aviation de Vraux 1939/45

Ailes Anciennes La Baule/Pays De Loire

Ailes Anciennes Toulouse

Association Nationale des Amateurs de Planeurs Anciens

Memorial flight restoration group
Normandie Niemen Museum
La Coupole: Musée sur la Deuxième guerre mondiale et les Fusées
GPPA, Musée de l'Air d'Angers



Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin - Stiftung

Deutsches Museum - München

Flying Legends Association

Me 163B glider replica

Museums in Germany

Remaining Junkers Aircraft

Technik Museum - Sinsheim



H.A.F. Museum


The Warbirds of India includes:

The India Air force Museum - New Delhi

Warbirds from All over India

Indian Navy Warbirds

Warbirds of the subcontinent

Indian warbirds overseas

Warbirds of Hyderabad



Tokorozawa Aviation Museum

Aichi "Suisei" in museum

Naval Aviation History Museum (Zero Fighter in Kanoya)



Lithuanian Aviation Museum. Kaunas



The Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum



Malta Aviation Museum

Ivan's aviation Home page



The pioneer Hangar / Flying Museum - Lelystad

Militaire Luchtvaart Museum - Soesterberg

Dutch Historic Aircraft Company

Dutch Dakota Association

Dutch Historic Jet Association

Bits & Pieces - The Aviationsite of Dutch preserved & Stored planes

Dutch Spotters On-Line Preserved aircraft in the Netherlands
Luchtoorlog 1939-1945 Museum - Deelen   BC page
Wings of Liberation Museum



Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum

Old Mandeville Airfield

Biplane Adventures - Wanaka

New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum

Kiwi Aircraft image



Norsk Luftfartsmuseum - Norwegian Aviation Museum

Warbirds of Norway

WWII aeroplane wrecks in northern area of Finland and Norway



Pakistan Air Force Museum


Polish Aviation museum - Krakow

Lubuskie Military Museum - Drzonow


Museu do Ar

Aero Fenix Museum


Muzeul Militar National


Russian Aviation Museum

Russian Aviation Museum

Monino Air Force Museum

Monino Air Force Museum
"Khodynskoe Pole" permanent exhibition of air Engineering
The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics
The Museum of A.S. YAKOVLEV
Memorial Museum of ILYUSHIN Aviation complex
Space equipment  Museum

Aviascan Group - Aircraft wrecks from Russia



Yugoslav Aeronautical Museum


PO-2 Airplane - Koroski aeroclub - Slovenj Gradec Airfield



The South African Air force Unofficial web

Friends of the SAAF Museum


Spanish Air Force museum in Cuatro Vientos - Madrid



Fliegermuseum - Altenrhein

Verkehrshaus der Schweiz

Ju-Air and the aviation museum in Dubendorf


Swedish Aviation Historical Association - Stockholm section

Swedish Aviation Historical Association





Aerospace Museum, Cosford, Shropshire (John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages UK)

Aviation Archaelogical investigation & Research

Aviation Archaeology in England.

Berkshire Aviation Museum
Brooklands Museum

De Havilland Aircraft Heritage centre

Duxford Airfield, Cambridge (John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages UK)

Gloucestershire Aviation Collection

Hendon RAF Museum

Imperial War Museum - Duxford, Cambridge

Lancashire Aircraft investigation Team

Manston Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial website

Military Air losses in and around the Isle of Wight

Montrose Air station museum - Angus Scotland

North East England Aircraft crash Research

Shuttleworth Collection - Bedfordshire (John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages UK)
Shuttleworth Collection - Bedfordshire

Shuttleworth Collection - Bedfordshire Unofficial page

Thameside Aviation Museum - Essex

The Fighter Collection

The Helicopter Museum

The International Group for Historic Aircraft recovery

The Museum of Army flying - Hampshire
The Old Flying Machine Company

The Science Museum - London|

The United Kingdom's Premier Warbirds & Restoration Homepage

Yeovilton - The centre of Naval Aviation Heritage

Vickers Vimy Replica Aircraft Project



Aviation museums in USA (John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages USA)

390th Bombardment group Memorial Museum

Aircraft wrecks in southern California

AirVenture Museum - OshKosh - Wisconsin

American Helicopter Museum & Education Center

Arkansas Air Museum

Aviation Archaelogical investigation & Research - CA

Aviation archaeology in Arizona

California Antique aircraft museum - CA

Cannon Aviation Museum

Castle Air Museum

Cavanaugh Museum - Texas

Champlin Fighter Museum - Arizona (John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages USA)

Confederate Air Force - Midland, Texas

Fantasy of Flight, Florida (John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages USA)

Fighter Factory

ISAM International sport aviation Museum

NASA Kennedy Space Center -CapeCanaveral (John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages USA)

National Air and Space Museum - Washington DC

Oklahoma Wreckchasing

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Owls Head Museum - Maine

Pacific coast Air Museum - Santa Rosa, CA

Palm Springs Air Museum - Palm Springs, CA
Pensacola Naval Air Musem

Piper Aviation Museum

Planes of Fame, Chino Airfield - CA (John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages USA)

Planes of Fame, Chino Airfield - CA Official Home page

Pueblo Historical aircraft society - Colorado

Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum - NY

San Diego Aerospace Museum - CA

San Diego Aerospace Museum - CA (John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages USA)

San Diego Aerospace Museum - CA official site

Seattle Aerospace Museum and Boeing Company (John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages USA)

Smithsonian Aerospace Museum  (John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages USA)

Society Of Aircraft Restoration - S.O.A.R.

Square One Aviation Inc - Warbirds Restoration

The College Park Aviation Museum

US Air Force Museum Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton, Ohio

USAF Museum Pacific coast division

USS Intrepid, New York (John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages USA)

Vintage Aircraft Group

Virginia Aviation Museum

Warbird Air Museum, Kissimmee

Warbird Air Museum, Kissimmee (John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages USA)

War Eagles Air Museum - Santa Teresa,  New Mexico

Western Aerospace Museum

Warbird Parts an memorabilia - For Sale


ADDRESSES of USA & Canada aircraft museums


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