28 March 2005

Aviation Archaeology : 

   JU-188F  P-38 , Me109 ANR

 Links :   

   il Carmagnolese  Home page about 3 Fiat G.55 wreck recovery  

07 November 2004

Aircraft :

  Avia FL 3  privato     

  T-6G Texan  Vigna di Valle AMI Museum   

31 October 2004

Aircraft :

  Ansaldo SVA-5  preserved in Vittoriale degli italiani - Gardone - Brescia    

  IMAM RO 41  under restoration

  New pics for all these aircraft preserved in Vigna di Valle AMI Museum  

  Savoia Marchetti SM 79   

  Fiat CR 32   with new spanish civil war camouflage  

  Macchi M 67  now fully restored  

  Macchi C 200  

  CRDA Cant Z 506  

  N.A. P-51 D   

05 February 2004

Aviation Archaeology :   B-24  gun turret recovered from the seabed near Venezia - thanks to Daniele Cinganotto. Additional info about Macchi 202 of Udine from Marcello Dodorico.  Few parts of Fiat BR.20   recovered from Croatia   thanks to Radovan Zivanovic.

Links :    Nicola Malizia Home page    

11 December 2003

Aviation Archaeology :  SAAF B-24  recovered near Cuneo - new link in  Spitfire  recovered near Prato. 

Museums :   the official webpage of Museo Agusta - Varese

16 October 2003

Aviation Archaeology :   P-38  recovered in Vicenza and B-26 few parts recovered near Futa pass between Boulogne and Florence.

Links :  GHEDI  Aerodrome Home page by Andrea Spagnoletti and Versolato Home page    

24 September 2003

Aviation Archaeology : New info  for   Me 109 G  recovered near Ferrara in October 2002. 

02 September 2003

Aviation Archaeology : New info  for   Spitfire  recovered near Prato. 

thanks to Bruno Bassetti.  

31 March 2003

Aviation Archaeology : New pics  of the 3░  Fiat G 55  recovered near Turin - Pilot Ennio Tarantola Ace. 

thanks to Piergiorgio Sola, Marco Bertino Fiolin and Roberto Ferrarese.  

25 January 2003

New look for the site

20 December 2002

Aviation Archaeology : 2 new link about  P-40L Anzio recovery  and several news in wreck recovery.

Museums :   the official webpage of Museo Memoriale della LibertÓ - Bologna

16 October 2002

   Savoia Marchetti SM 82 and CANT Z.506  preserved in  AMI Museum of Vigna di Valle (Rome). thanks to  Federico Capaldo.

09 October 2002

Links :  Regia Aeronautica in Russia . Thanks to Alberto Rosselli.

28 September 2002

Links :  the interesting story of S.ten Dalmazio Corradini an italian pilot of a Torpedo bomber unit, still alive and living in USA. Thanks to Ken Arnold for the good job.

01 September 2002

I'm back....

Museums :   the official webpage of Mostra storica dell'aeroporto militare "Dal Molin" - Vicenza. 

Aviation Archaeology : 2 pics of Fornaci's Me 109 relic  preserved in Vicenza.

Links :  news

26 February 2002

Museums :  Added a new site about  Museo "Francesco Baracca" Lugo di Romagna. 

Aviation Archaeology : The official webpage of Fiat G-46 under restoration in Padoa ( thanks to Stefano Gambaro )   

Links :  Italo Balbo and Mario Morselli biography - 9 Fighter Wing - Foggia airfield history - Fiat BR 20 paper model  .

15 January 2002

Aviation Archaeology : Me 109 G ANR recovered - Vicenza. 

Links :  Aviazione Legionaria nella guerra civile spagnola .

  05 January 2002

Museums :  Added Mostra storica aeroporto "Dal Molin" Vicenza and new page for Museo "Caproni" - Trento both with the list of preserved aircraft. 

Aircraft :  Autogiro La Cierva, Republic F-84F and Farman 1919  preserved in Museo Nazionale della scienza e Tecnica - Milano

Republic P-47D  preserved in  AMI Museum of Vigna di Valle (Rome). 

19 December 2001

Aircraft :  Vampire DH100  preserved in Museo Nazionale della scienza e Tecnica - Milano 

Links :  news in Italian Air force in fligh simulation .

08 December 2001

Aviation Archaeology : News  wreck recovery Me 109G and Douglas Boston in Italy from Agmen Quadratum Web site. Pics of two planes under restoration. Fiat G-46 in Padoa ( thanks to Diego Brozzola ) and  Fiat CR 42 in Venegono (Varese).  

12 November 2001

Aviation Archaeology : New pics  of  Fiat G 55s parts recovered near Turin  on display  in Carmagnola (Turin). 

Thanks to Piergiorgio Sola and "Il Carmagnolese" cultural Association.  

Aircraft :  Piaggio P 166 ( Bologna )  and Fiat G-91 ( Vigna di Valle - AMI Museum )

Links :  news.

28 October 2001

Aircraft :  Lockheed F-86K and F-104G  thanks to Diego Brozzola webmaster of Aerei Italiani 

Links :  news.


24 October 2001

Scusate il lungo silenzio ma ho cambiato casa, il trasloco mi ha impegnato parecchio.  Da oggi spero di aggiornare il sito pi¨ frequentemente.  

Sorry for the long silence !   Now live in a new house.

I hope to update my website more frequently


Aviation Archaeology :  Italian engines on show in Varese.

Links  :  News.

21 August 2001

Aircraft :  Lockheed F-104G and Aermacchi MB-326 thanks to Diego Brozzola.

Links :  news.

19 June 2001

Aircraft :  From Gianni Caproni Museum (Trento) :

               Ansaldo SVA 5 , Avia FL.3, Breda 19, Caproni CA 100 and CA 163, Saiman 202 and Savoia Marchetti SM 79 and SM 80. 

03 June  2001

Aviation Archaeology :  Ansaldo A1 Balilla  restoration by GAVS Turin.  thanks to Massimo Moggioli.

10 May  2001

 Add the new page Aviation Archaeology  

04 May  2001

TODAY   1  YEAR on the net  -  Thanks you all !! 

Museums :  Macchi 205 wreck recovery near Bologna and a new site of Museo Caproni di Trento.  

Links :  2 new italian pilot story and a new book about Italian aces in WWII.

23 April 2001

Museums :  New pics   in " Fiat G 55 recovery near Torino " thanks to Piergiorgio Sola, Marco Bertino Fiolin and Roberto Ferrarese.  

 New site for GAVS !     

05 April 2001

Aircraft :  "Vampire" and RT-33 "Shooting star" preserved in  AMI Museum of Vigna di Valle (Rome). 

02 April 2001

Aircraft :  Piaggio P 166 preserved in  AMI Museum of Vigna di Valle (Rome). 

28 February  2001

Museums : Agmen Quadratum Historic Association site with recovery story of two MC 205 and one ME 109 all crashed in Italy during the 2WW. 

Add in " G 55 recovery near Torino " a second G 55 recovered,  and additional information of the combat. 

Links : Add new sites : Regia Aeronautica in Aegean theatre. new site in PC section.

.... Add also the flag 

15 February  2001

Aircraft :  F-86 K preserved in Museo Nazionale della scienza e Tecnica - Milano - Canadair CL.13  F-86E AMI Museum Vigna di Valle (Rome). 

Links : Add new sites : IWW Italian Air Force, fighters over Spain and a Photo Archive with italian aircraft in spain service - new site in PC section.

22 January  2001

Aircraft :  Cockpit jpg of Nardi FN 305 from Marco Giannitrapani

New pic of Fiat G59B and the P-51D both preserved in Museo AMI of Vigna di Valle (Rome) Thanks to Alessandro Barteletti

10 January  2001

Aircraft :  Fiat G 46 and Nardi FN 305 preserved in Museo AMI of Vigna di Valle. Thanks to Alessandro Barteletti.

Piaggio P 166 preserved in Rimini museum

Museums : Gruppo amici del C-119 - Italian Association for the preservation of Fairchild C-119. 

Links : Add new sites : Re 2005 web site and Gaspari editore with a new book about Francesco Baracca the famous WWI ace.

Museum of other countries : Aircraft Museum in Argentina - ( you can find a Fiat G 46 Gate Guardian ).

07 January  2001

Aircraft : F-84G - Aerfer Sagittario 2 - Grumman Tracker  all preserved in Museo AMI of Vigna di Valle .

23 December 2000

Aircraft : Agusta Bell 47G preserved in  Free Air factory - Tarquinia  thanks to Marco Giannitrapani.  New pictures for Fiat G 55.

Links : Add 2 new sites on F 104 Starfighter.

08 December 2000

Museums : Macchi 205 wreck recovery  near Parma. Thanks to Stefano Ferrari.  

03 December  2000

Aircraft : Spitfire IX and new picture for Cr 32 both preserved in  Museo AMI of Vigna di Valle thanks to Marco Giannitrapani. Nieuport 10 of MNST - Milano.

Links : News in History  and books sections.  

27 November  2000

Aircraft : Agusta Bell 47G and AB 47 J  preserved in  Museo AMI Vigna di Valle. 

22 November  2000

Aircraft : Fiat G 5 - Spad S VII preserved in  Museo AMI Vigna di Valle.  

Links : News in PC  section.  

08 November  2000

Aircraft : Fiat C 29 - Macchi M 39 - M 67 - C  72  - Savoia Marchetti 56 - Ansaldo AC 2 - SVA 5 -  Bleriot XI all preserved in  Museo AMI Vigna di Valle. 

Links : News in History  section.  

23 October  2000

Museums : Fiat G 55 wreck recovery  near Torino. Un grazie a Piergiorgio Sola.  

11 October  2000

Aircraft : Fiat CR 32 - Fiat G 59B - Macchi C 205 - Fi 156 - Hu-16    preserved in  Museo AMI Vigna di Valle. 

09 October  2000

Links : News in History , Books and PC sim sections.  

25 September 2000

Aircraft : Breda 15  preserved in Museo Naz. scienza e Tecnica - Milano.  

Links :   several news in historic web sites. 

20 September 2000

Museums :  P40 L  wreck recovery  from Nettuno seabed.  

Links :  2 new historic web sites and news in PC simulation. 

29 August 2000

Aircraft : Ricci 6 Triplane preserved in Museo Naz. scienza e Tecnica - Milano.    Cessna O-1 E  Aeroclub Gorizia.  

22 July 2000

Aircraft : Campini Caproni fuselage - Magni Vale - SIAI Ambrosini Super 7 - NA T 6G Texan from Museo Nazionale della scienza e della Tecnica - Milano.  Campini Caproni CC2 from Museo AMI Vigna di Valle. 

08 July 2000

Aircraft : CAT TM 2 Museo Nazionale della scienza e della Tecnica  di Milano -  IMAM RO 43 di Vigna di Valle. 

05 July 2000

Aircraft : Macchi 205  Museo Nazionale della scienza e della Tecnica  di Milano. 

Museums : Resoconto del restauro di un motore Fiat A50 presso l'ITIS G.Marconi di Forlý. Fiat A50 engine restoration.

Links :  nuova pagina dedicata ai simulatori di volo con aerei e scenari della Regia Aeronautica.                               New page on PC Flight simulation  with Regia Aeronautica Aircraft. 

25 June 2000

Aircraft : Reggiane 2005 del Museo Caproni di Trento. 

17 June 2000

Aircraft : Fiat G 55 di Vigna di Valle restaurato dal GAVS Torino. Un grazie a Lorenzo Zambelli per la bella foto. 

Museums : Vittoriale di G. D'Annunzio con lo SVA 10 del raid su Vienna.

Links :  nuova suddivisione con  links su Editoria e Modellismo tutti rigorosamente attinenti alla Regia Aeronautica.

08 June 2000

Museums : Due siti dalla Sicilia - Collezione aeronautica UniversitÓ di Palermo e gli Hangar per Dirigibili di Augusta. (Two sites from Sicily)

Museum of other countries : Luftwaffe in Denmark

Aircraft : Aggiunta una seconda fotografia del Grumman HU16 di Gorizia (add a second JPG)

Inserito inoltre il contatore di accessi nella Home page.   

24 May 2000

Aircraft : Fiat G 212 di Vigna di Valle, Savoia Marchetti  102 del MNST di Milano e Caproni 100 di Como

21 May 2000

Aircraft : Macchi 200 e 202, Fiat G 59B e Savoia Marchetti S.79 grazie alle fotografie di Alessandro Borsetti.

11 May 2000

Aircraft : Reggiane 2002 di Vigna di Valle grazie alle foto di Lamberto Francois -  Saiman 202 del museo di Rimini.

Museums : aggiunto un nuovo sito sul museo Caproni

Museum of other countries : aggiunto il sito del Museo di S.Paolo del Brasile custode del Savoia Marchetti S55 Jah¨. 

09 May 2000

Aircraft : Agusta Bell 47G - Rimini Museum and AB 47 J Milano airport 

04 May 2000

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