K9 version 1.27 has been released (Mar 13th 2004). Bug fixes and changes: - Copy to clipboard right-click menu option wasn't working in the Storage Area or Server Check sections. - Debug log windows are now limited to the last 512 K of text to help reduce memory usage. - Modified update behavior on the Advanced page when editing or creating a new account. - Added Advanced page option to reduce CPU priority when K9 is minimized. - Added option to always score emails after the Storage Area emails have loaded. - Increased maximum line length for filter lists from 256 to 1024 characters. - DNSBL lookups are disabled for the remainder of a session if they are taking too long (cached values are still used). - Changed statistics percentage values to show 2 decimal places. - Server Check log results are now shown in a similar format to the Proxy log. - Added Recent Emails "new", "good" and "spam" counts to system tray icon tooltip. - Improved ability to detect message size for use with "Don't filter messages larger than..." option. ~~~~~~~~ Work is currently in progress on the Server Check section of K9 so you may find one or two glitches in that area right now. I am thinking of adding some kind of automatic email check and spam deletion functionality but haven't yet decided how to organize the display and options. ~~~~~~~~