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Don't Shoot

cover of Don't Shoot

Album notes

Released as Zippo ZONG 009 (LP) (UK) in 1986
Reissued on CD as Mau Mau MAUCD 606 (Fr)

Compiled by Anna Statman & Susie Wrenn while under the influence of Bob Forrest
Cover design: Carl Ramsey
Recorded December 1983 to June 1984 by Los Angeles artists

Tracks & Personnel

Bend In The Road (Dan Stuart/Steve Wynn)
Danny & Dusty
Danny Stuart & Steve Wynn - vocals; Sid Griffin - lead guitar; Stephen McCarthy - lap steel; Tom Stevens - bass; Dennis Duck - drums
(Produced & mixed by Paul B. Cutler)

Hello Walls (Willie Nelson)
Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs
Top Jimmy - vocals; Gil T. - bass; Tony Gilkyson - lead & rhythm guitar;
Julie Christensen & Kittra - background vocals; Keith Mitchell - drums
(Produced & mixed by Chris D.)

I'll Get Out Somehow (Stephen McCarthy)
Stephen McCarthy
Stephen McCarthy - vocals & acoustic guitar; Dave Pearlman - pedal steel & guitar; Rick Utter - bass; Davy Crockett - drums
(Produced by Rick Novak; mixed by Chris D.)

Wreckin' Ball (Dave Alvin/John Doe)
John Doe
John Doe - vocals & guitar; Gil T. - bass
(Produced & mixed by Chris D.)

Almost Persuaded (Sherrill/Sutton)
Julie Christensen
Julie Christensen - vocals; Pete Wasner - piano; James Cruce - drums; Bill Bryson - bass;
Bob Hawkins - acoustic guitar; Greg Leisz - pedal steel
(Produced & mixed by Chris D.)

Tears Fall Away (Chris D./Robyn Jameson/Divine Horsemen)
Divine Horsemen
Chris D. & Julie Christensen - vocals; Robyn Jameson - acoustic guitar; Matt Lee - electric & 12-string; Brantley Kearns - fiddle
(Produced & mixed by Chris D.)

Tear It Down (Tony Gilkyson)
Tony Gilkyson
Tony Gilkyson - guitar & vocals; Maria McKee - vocals; Pat Woodward - bass; Ed Bytos - piano; Jerry Angel - drums; Spyder Mittleman & Otis Hall - saxes
(Engineered by Ricky Eckstein)

Never Get Out Of This World Alive (Hank Williams)
Jack Waterson
Jack Waterson - rhythm guitar & vocals; Will Glenn - fiddle & backup vocals;
Matthew Piucci - guitar & backup vocals; Steve Roback - bass; Chris Cavacas - piano; Alex MacNichol - drums
(Produced by Dan Stewart; mixed by Paul B. Cutler)

Blind Justice (Howe Gelb)
The Band Of... Blacky Ranchette
Howe Gelb - vocals, guitar & piano; Rainer - dobro; Jacob Martinez - bass & harmony; Alex MacNichol - drums; Chris Cavacas - cow bell

Freight Train (Elizabeth Cotton)
Clay Allison
Kendra Smith - vocals; David Roback - acoustic guitar; Juan Gomez - acoustic guitar & harmonica; Keith Mitchell - rice in cain
(Produced & mixed by David Roback)

Tear It All To Pieces (Michael Uhlenkott)
The Romans
Michael Uhlenkott - lead vocals & bass; Juan Gomez - acoustic rhythm guitar & backup vocals; Keith Mitchell - drums & backup vocals; Dan Todd - lead guitar; Allison Anders & Craig Roose - backup vocals
(Produced by Chris D.; mixed by Paul B. Cutler)

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