Kendra Smith, David Roback, Keith Mitchell

Fell From The Sun

cover of Fell from the Sun EP (US version) cover of Fell from the Sun EP (UK version)


Released as Serpent/Enigma E1092 (EP) (US) in 1984
Also released as Rough Trade RTT 129 (EP) (UK) in 1984 with different track listing

Produced by David Roback
Engineered by Ethan James & Glenn Mont
Recorded in Los Angeles, Winter 1983-84
Back photo by Laura Levine


Kendra Smith - vocals, bass
David Roback - guitars, organ, vocal
Keith Mitchell - drums
Terry Graham - drums on Fell From The Sun
Juan Gomez - 2nd guitar on Grains Of Sand & Freight Train

Tracks of US release

Grains Of Sand (Roback/Smith) 5:43
Fell From The Sun (Smith) 4:26
All Souls (Smith/Roback) 2:21
Lullabye (Roback/Smith) 7:12

Tracks of UK release

Fell From The Sun (Smith) 4:26
Freight Train (James/Williams/Cotton) 1:40
Grains Of Sand (Roback/Smith) 5:43

photo of David and Kendra by Laura Levine

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