Kendra Smith

The Guild Of Temporal Adventurers

cover of The Guild of Temporal Adventurers

Album notes

Released as Fiasco FSCO 34417* (mini-LP 10inch) (US) in 1992
Plate in transparent vinyl
Also released as Fiasco 001 (CD) (US) in 1992

A La Babalon Production
Recorded December 1991 by The Guild Of Temporal Adventurers:
Kendra Smith, Jonah Corey & A. Phillip Uberman
Engineered by Earl Martin & The Guild except Waiting In The Rain, mixed by Franz Pusch & The Guild
Producer: Kendra Smith
Executive Producer: Sunshine

Tracks & Personnel

Intro: Legbone Tibet

Stars Are In Your Eyes (Corey/Liqueure) 3:50
vocals, acoustic & bass by Kendra; electric guitar by Eergott Liqueure; stick by Franz Pusch; drums by Orson

Interlude: Himalayan Bells

Earth Same Breath (Smith) 3:15
vocal & acoustic guitar by Kendra; harmonium & pump organ by Corey & Uberman

Waiting In The Rain (Corey/Liqueure) 3:45
vocals by Kendra & Corey; guitar by Eergott Liqueure; bass by Kendra; drums by Orson

She Brings The Rain (The Can) 4:00
vocal & bass by Kendra; lead guitar by Mitch Greenhill; sub-buzz guitar by Eergott Liqueure

Iridescence 31 (Corey/Smith) 3:40
harmonium & pump organ by Kendra; calliope by Corey; voices by Kendra & Corey

Interlude: Railroad
mix by J.C & Bobby Icon

Wheel Of The Law (Corey/Smith) 4:20
vocals by Kendra & Corey; guitar by Uberman; distorgan by Corey; bass by Kendra

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(*this # is printed at the end of the sides, on vinyl… the p.o. box of Fiasco Records is 34416… is it a coincidence?)