Happy Nightmare Baby

cover of Happy Nightmare Baby

Album notes

Released as SST 103 (LP/CD) (US) in 1987
Also released as Rough Trade ROUGH 116 (LP/CD) (UK) in 1987 and as Victor VDP-1320 (CD) (Jap) in 1988

Produced by David Roback
Engineered by Keith Wechsler & Larry Goetz
Photos by David Roback, Kendra Smith, Laura Levine
Album cover design by David Roback


Kendra Smith
David Roback
Suki Ewers
William Cooper
Aaron Sherer
Keith Mitchell


Rocket Machine (Roback) 4:24
Magick Power (Roback/Smith) 6:14
Relevation (Roback) 2:53
A Falling Star (Roback/Smith) 1:21
She's A Diamond (Roback/Smith) 4:18
Supernova (Roback/Smith) 4:17
Siamese Trap (Roback/Smith) 6:38
Happy Nightmare Baby (Roback/Smith) 2:52
Soul Giver (Roback) 8:34

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