Review of Northern Line EP

by Claudio Sorge
issued on Rockerilla #65 (January 1986)

Opal is David Roback's new creature, in practice almost Clay Allison's same line-up, with Kendra Smith on bass and vocals, and Keith Mitchell on drums. Here, inwardly, according to me it moves Rain Parade's real soul. Probably a genius such as David didn't fit himself to a band that nowadays is trying to go in big business and that therefore seems to be inclined to accept arrangements the Author scorns undoubtedly. More than ever Northern Line is the outcome of a restless and romantic soul. I have no words for describing the dazzling beauty of Kendra's voice, the penetrating and explorative strength of David's guitars. Three pieces, three absolutely masterpieces. Syd Barrett, John Fahey and Pink Floyd are the possible co-ordinates drawn on the immense mind's map for understanding Opal's enigma. Even if late there isn't a shadow of a doubt: single of the year.

This translation I did was first released on April's All Souls website in 1998.

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