Review of Rainy Day

by Sergio D'Alesio
issued on Rockstar #46 (July 1984)

What can you do in LA on a rare rainy day when drive-ins are closed and there is no one on the beaches? You can combine for singing and recording the finest songs of the past in fun! That's the point of the matter and the reason for this amusing session from young musicians such as Will Glenn, David Roback, Matthew Piucci, Kendra Smith, Michael Quercio, Steven Roback, Susanna Hoffs and lots of other members of Rain Parade, Dream Syndicate, Bangles and Three O'Clock.
Rainy Day escapes all the rules, proving an excellent collection of covers in every way. So here flow, together in an acoustic whirl, Holocaust by Alex Chilton, On The Way Home and Flying On The Ground Is Wrong by Neil Young, I'll Keep It With Mine by Bob Dylan, I'll Be Your Mirror by Lou Reed, Rainy Day Dream Away by Jimi Hendrix and the very pleasant supplement of a handful of traditional like Sloop John B. (without Beach Boys interfering) and Soon Be Home. Listen to the remaking of John Riley by Gibson-Neff that has been sung and explored in every dimension, between Baez and Byrds.
Rainy Day is merely a little party that, especially through the voice of Kendra Smith, assumes the import of a candid evidence that now some sonorities and ballads are cemented in the heart of the youngest keepers of the sound made in USA.

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