Gravedigger Five discography

1984 All Black And Hairy (LP) Voxx VXS200.025 (US)
1987 The Mirror Cracked (LP) Voxx VXS200.038 (US)

1984 track Spooky on Battle Of The Garages 3 (LP compilation) Voxx VXS200.020 (US)
1985 track She Got on Garage Sale (tape compilation) Roir A-135 (US)
1986 track No Good Woman on a split-single given away with Lost Trails fanzine #3 (It)
1994 track Stoneage Stomp on Destination Bomp! (2CD compilation) Bomp BCD4048 (US)
2000 track Spooky on Be A Caveman (CD compilation) Voxx VCD2073 (US)

Morlocks discography

1985 Emerge (LP) Midnight MIR LP 111 (US)
1988 Submerged Alive (LP) Epitaph EPI/MLP1 (US)
1989 She's My Fix/You Must Not Be Seen As I Am (7inch) Earache EAR010 (US)
1991 Under The Wheel/Hurricane A' Coming (7inch) Iloki ITR001 (US)
1991 Wake Me When I'm Dead (LP) Listen Loudest SNLP 7 (Croatia)
1997 Uglier Than You'll Ever Be! (CD) Voxx VCD2071 (US)

1992 track You Mistreat Me on Misfit: A Tribute To The Outsiders (LP compilation) Screaming Apple SCALP102 (Ger)

Leighton Koizumi discography

2004 When The Night Falls (CD) V2/Ammonia Records VVR1025782 (IT)

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