i don't want to provide a million gateway to other sites here,

you can find it at

the garage, legacy links, search & destroy, ultimate band list, diysearch or punknet77;


just a few remarks:

visit cutie morning moon (probably the best music site of the whole web!)

and if you're looking for a record try at gemm, netsounds or ebay

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extra supa tanx to

sky & marianna saxon, chris gast, darren grealish & leighton koizumi, kendra smith & regina blackbird, don summers, lee brovitz & jimy sohns, jerry mcgeorge, sid griffin, rich coffee

april, matt, thomas mejer hansen, chrome, takeshi tamano, phil dennison, grant curley, jim parrett, glynis ward, tony lin, krister nyeland, kathy campus, markus prem, cathy linstrom, wes eichenwald, hans kesteloo, bernard yin, jeff watt, andy ramone, steve coleman

john kowalski, john melbourne, laurent bigot, warren l. oponda, paul grebenc, joe rein, massimo baseotto




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