The Shadows of Knight hits


Gloria/Dark Side (Dunwich 116) (US)
Released on Jan. 31st 1966
Hit no. 10 (US national chart)
Hit no. 1 (Chicago local chart)

Oh Yeah/Light Bulb Blues (Dunwich 122) (US)
Released on May 12th 1966
Hit no. 39 (US national chart)

Bad Little Woman/Gospel Zone (Dunwich 128) (US)
Released on Aug. 5th 1966
Hit no. 91 (US national chart)

I'm Gonna Make You Mine/I'll Make You Sorry (Dunwich 141) (US)
Released on Oct. 24th 1966
Hit no. 90 (US national chart)

Shake/From Way Out To Way Under (Team 520) (US)
Released in Oct. 1968
Hit no. 46 (US national chart)


Gloria (Dunwich 666) (US)
Released in April 1966
Hit no. 46 (US national chart)