The Shadows of Knight discography


1966  Gloria/Dark Side (Dunwich 116) (US)/(Atlantic 584085) (UK)
1966  Oh Yeah/Light Bulb Blues (Dunwich 122) (US)/(Atlantic 584021) (UK)
1966  Bad Little Woman/Gospel Zone (Dunwich 128) (US)/(Atlantic 584045) (UK)
1966  I'm Gonna Make You Mine/I'll Make You Sorry (Dunwich 141) (US)
1967  Willie Jean/The Behemoth (Dunwich 151) (US)
1967  Someone Like Me/Three For Love (Dunwich 167) (US)/(Atlantic 584136) (UK)
1968  Shake/From Way Out To Way Under (Team 520) (US)/(Buddah 201024) (UK)
1969  My Fire Department Needs A Fireman/Taurus (Super K 8) (US)
1969  Run, Run, Billy Porter/My Fire Department Needs A Fireman (Super K 10) (US)
1969  Gloria '69/Spaniard At My Door (Atco 6634) (US)
1970  I Am The Hunter/Warwick Court Affair (Atco 6776) (US)

1967  The Potato Chip Record (Columbia Special Products) (US)
1996  I Got My Mojo Working (alt. vers.)/Potato Chip (with interview) (Sundazed S 123) (US)

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