The Unclaimed discography

1980  The Unclaimed (Moxie) EP (US)
1983  The Unclaimed (Hysteria) mini-LP (US)
1988  (Rock and hard Rolls) Live in Europe 1987!! (Dionysus) split-LP (US)
1991  Under The Bodhi Tree (Music Maniac) LP (Ger)

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compilation appearances

1981  track Run From Home on Battle Of The Garages (LP) Voxx (US)
1983  track No Apology on The Rebel Kind (LP) Sounds Interesting (US)
1985  track Walk On The Water on Garage Sale (Tape) Roir (US)
1987  tracks My Kind and Hidden Truth on a split-single given away with Lost Trails fanzine #7 (It) later reissued on Best Of Electric Eye Records (LP) Destination X (It)
1997  track Village Of The Giants on Mondo Drive-In (LP) Blood Red Vinyl (US)
2000  track Run From Home on Be A Caveman (CD) Voxx (US)

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