Back in the Danny Valentie days of the Unclaimed, Lee had been interested in switching to keyboards and guitar. Rick Linstrom answered the ad for a bass player and thusly started rehearsing with them in a little storage space on Western Avenue off Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles. Lee was still on the fence about switching, so Rick and his wife Cathy would go to every show and they'd bring Rick out to do a number or two. They always thought of him as the secret stealth Unclaimed member. Cathy doesn't remember how long this lasted or whether that was before or after Rick auditioned for the Long Ryders, but as far as the current scene goes, Danny Valentie (on guitar), Rick Linstrom (bass) and Jeff Utterback (drums) are playing around as The Boardwalkers (occasionally pulling out a version of Bikini Drag and Village of the Damned). Danny saw Shelley at a local market recently. Cathy saw Lee playing with Davie Allen and Arrows at Mr. T's bowl, where they put on a helluva good show.

drumhead painted by Cathy Linstrom

Many thanks to Cathy Linstrom for the info & the image above!