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December 21st 2001  cards of the albums Early Sky Saxon and Golden Vaults Volume 1 - Timeless added to the discography

December 10th 2000  card of the album Breakin' Through The Doors added to the discography

August 6th 2000  cards of the singles Try To Understand/The Other Place, Satisfy You/900 Million People Daily (All Making Love), Love In A Summer Basket/Did He Die and Diamonds In The Rough/Universal Stars added to the discography; many covers added to the other people's releases too (thanks Mass!)

December 5th 1999  cards of the single A Thousand Shadows/March Of The Flower Children and of the albums Golden Sunrise, New Fruit From Old Seeds, …A Groovy Thing, Down The Nile added to the discography

October 30th 1999  cover of the single Can't Seem To Make You Mine/I Tell Myself added to its card; cards of the singles Mr. Farmer/Up In Her Room, Fallin' Off The Edge Of My Mind/Wild Blood and of the 7inch EP Paradise/Born To Be Wild added to the discography; cards of the albums Bad Part Of Town, Private Party (Live At The Cavern Club) and Flashback added too; three pictures added to the galleries

June 20th 1999  cards of the singles Can't Seem To Make You Mine/Daisy Mae, Mr. Farmer/No Escape, Shuckin' And Jiving/You Took Me By Surprise and of the 7inch EP In Love With Life added to the discography

May 27th 1999  card of the single Beautiful Stars/Universal Stars added to the discography

May 12th 1999  cards of the singles Pushin' Too Hard/Try To Understand and Can't Seem To Make You Mine/I Tell Myself added to the discography

March 18th 1999  Ya Ho Wa 13 discography revised and rectified

January 20th 1999  opened the Seedy guestbook

November 30th 1998  more comps with further details added to the discography

November 6th 1998  peak chart positions of The Seeds hits uploaded; many cat. nos. and the track listings of the following albums added to the discography: Starry Ride, …In Search Of Brighter Colors/World Fantastic, Takes & Glories, Dragonslayers

August 31st 1998  track listing of Evil Hoodoo added to the discography

July 18th 1998  The Seeds' singles revised and rectified; notes added to the first five albums by The Seeds and cover of Fallin' Off The Edge added too; labels and cat. numbers added to almost all of Sky's early singles: thanks to all those who helped me

July 10th 1998  the early singles added to Sky Saxon discography: thanks of course to Sky!

July 1st 1998  look changed; movie credits that Marianna sent me, several compilations which included Pushin' Too Hard and a new subsection with other people's releases (covers & curiosities) added to the discography

June 19th 1998  several covers & info kindly provided by Jim Parrett and precious info that Sky Saxon forwarded me through Marianna, his dear wife added to the discography; notes added to Ya Ho Wa 13 discography; gallery subdivided into two sections: Seedy gallery & Sunlight gallery with a new Sky picture that Marianna sent me

June 7th 1998  opened The Seeds & Sky Saxon Unofficial Web Site

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