..22 Feb 2002..
Added some funny things in MADNESS page.

..21 Feb 2002..
Added MADNESS page.
There you can find some nice pix.
Started another IMAGINATION project (DARKMAN)
There is a small change in FUN page.

..19 Feb 2002..
ISDN is back! (just 15)
Lessons started, and new activity are brighting in my head.
FUN section has just opened with a brand new html code.
Test will go on and eventually adopted also by the whole site.
There is a small change in KNOWLEDGE page.

..13 Feb 2002..
Updated the WORK IN PROGRESS link for GulfWarCrisis Mod.
In the page you can find some pix.
Soon the chronology section, stay tuned.

..05 Feb 2002..
Updated the Genoma project.
Now the executable is completely in batch mode and the user can chose if and where the jolly will be placed.
Early tested with a 350Mb file! Not too bad...
Nevertheless still hating Pascal...

..03 Feb 2002..
This sunday another small project is over.
Genoma project is completed... hard work for me, cause it's in Pascal and I usally program in C++.
You can see details in IMAGINATION page.

..01 Feb 2002..
... it's 6.28 AM and I cannot understand anything... tring to upload this little thing up!
Kidding... I'm cool enough to exult by the conclusion of an Imagination project: SIMULA.
Goodnight moonlight lovers...

..21 Jan 2002..
Finally I've installed a 56k Internal modem so I can use internet.
The ISDN Internal one is lying on my desk... it seems dead.
Maybe I'm going to set up an ADSL line. Gosh, it doesn't matter right now.

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