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Philips introduces fast and most versatile high-speed 40x CD-ROM drive offering robust performance

October 1998

Ultra DMA feature allows for fast, smooth and easy access to data, music, photo and video files

Following the successful introduction of the 24x, 32x and 36x speed CD-ROM drives, Philips PC Add-ons announces today the introduction of an advanced 40x CD-ROM drive. The PCA40xCD CD-ROM drive offers unsurpassed versatility and compatibility and is one of the fastest available in the market. It can be installed horizontally or vertically, giving the user greater flexibility in system set-up. With its data transfer rate of 6,000 kBps, it doesn’t loose any of its performance, making it the ideal drive for today’s multimedia needs.

Reduction of noise

The 40x speed CD-ROM drive offers convenient, smooth and fast play-back of CD-ROM titles. It features a proven technology to significantly reduce the vibration which is usually created when drives are functioning at high speed, regardless the quality of the CD-ROM disc. The Advanced Vibration Reduction System, employed in the floating loader, reduces the vibration significantly resulting in a virtually silent operation. This robust suspension technique reduces the noise by some 75% at high speed. It is equally effective whether the CD-ROM drive is installed horizontally or vertically.

Speed and timing

The Ultra DMA feature, which improves the CPU utilisation and efficiency, allows for faster and easier access to data, music, photo, and video files. The movements on screen become seamless and the timing of animation perfect. Access time is below 75 ms.


Another breakthrough feature in Philips 40x CD-ROM drive is the high speed audio extraction, which, with the aid of a ‘data pool’, allows stable data output, thus ensuring outstanding uninterrupted sound quality. The Digital Audio Extraction also assures a smooth, uninterrupted data output to for instance a CD-Recorder disc. This feature makes the Philips 40x speed CD-ROM drive ready to be used with Windows 98 USB digital audio, giving access to sound quality which is comparable to a hifi system at home.


Philips CD-ROM drives are designed to be compatible with major industry standards. Support of Multiread CD-RW discs and digital audio streaming under Windows98 are included in the new features of the CD-ROM drives. The CD-ROM drives are compatible with all CD types. Plug-and-play technology ensures easy and straightforward installation and use. It supports DOS, Win3.1, Win95, Win98, Win NT and OS/2 Warp.

The Philips 40x CD-ROM drive enables the user to enjoy the highest standard for multimedia entertainment. Philips guarantees a one year ‘swap’ warranty which is unique in the CD-ROM market. For pricing and availability please contact your local contact person.


Philips’ leadership in audio, video and optical storage is unsurpassed. Since 1982, the electronics giant has played an important role in a number of standards for CD-ROM technology that are universally recognized and adhered to. The impressive list includes: CD-Audio in 1982, CD-ROM in 1985, CD-I in 1989, Photo CD in 1989, CD-R in 1991, Video CD in 1993 and CD-RW in 1996. Philips recently introduced a range of audio CD-recorders. It is extending its CD technology and products with state-of-the-art DVD products like DVD-Video and high-speed DVD-ROMs.

Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands is one of the world’s biggest electronic companies, with sales of over USD 39 billion in 1997. It is a global leader in colour television sets, lighting, home telephony products, electric shavers and recorded music (PolyGram). Its 264,700 employees in more than 60 countries are active in the areas of semiconductors and components, consumer products, professional products and systems, lighting, and software and services. Philips is quoted on the NYSE, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and other stock exchanges. News from Philips is located at

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