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Tribute in Light
V. 1.0 - 2002.03.29

This scenery-effect reproduces the lights that was installed in March 2002 to evoke the fallen towers of the World Trade Center. Naji Chehabeddine and Matthias Brueckner helped a lot in the implementation of the effect.

FS 2002
and fx effect

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Water Drop
V. 1.0 - 2002.03.05

For firefighting aircrafts like the Bombardier-Canadair CL215 (in the images the model of M. Taccoli). The idea was by Jeff "RCAF19W_Ranger" Hendricks, which also provided lot of help in the implementation of the effect.

FS 2002
fx effect

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Landing effects
V. 1.0 - 2001.11.18

Modified landing effects: more sparks when ditching on concrete, more dust on dirty terrain, a little bit more tire smoke at touchdown and a custom effect for landing on snow.

FS 2002
fx effect

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FX effects in FS 2002

FX effects were introduced in CFS2 to model smoke, explosions, splashes and so on. FS2k2 adds some improvements to the CFS2 implementation of FX effects. The review was previously published on Netwings.

HTML doc
FS 2002

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in the latter case, previous authors are credited in the included ReadMe.txt.

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