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That`s me YEARS AGO at LIRA Lab, Genoa. 
The image on the left was grabbed with an experimental retina-like CCD, soon on your favorite video-phone.

  Hi. I`m Andrea (Italian for Andrew), I'm 21 and I `m studying Medical Biotechnology at University of Milan (no connections with the stuff above). I also write articles for Internet News, the bestselling internet magazine in Italy.Read my articles here. I started to be really PSYCHO-patic when I read Robin Wood`s essay. It changed completely the vision that I had about this film, and I felt obliged to tell the world how wonderful it was. Lupus in fabula, after a few days since that reading, I found this free web space opportunity, and I started working hard, learning HTML coding and wandering trough the web to find more resources. This is the result. Many thanks to all the 500.000 people the read my pages so far.

- C O L O P H O N

To create these work was used: