Giuseppe Coniglio founded his apiculture firm in Termini Imerese on 1983 to take over the activity of a farm very old traditions in the art of Beekeeping and the production of honey.

The farm specializes in the production of monoflora honey from extracts and plants typical of the sicilian territory: orange, carob, thyme, lemon eucalyptus, sulla, loquat, wildflowers. Monoflora honey assumes the peculiarities and properties of the plant from which bees take nectar, so orange honey has a sedative effect, eucalyptus and carob honey are antiseptic for our respiratory system, thyme honey for our digestive system, chestnut honey helps our blood pressure and fights off anaemia, etc..

The geographical position near Termini Imerese - on the North coast of Sicily, 30 km. from Palermo - allows the farm to profit from the presence of the rare Japan loquat tree. As a result, a monoflora medlar honey of such rare qualities is obtained, of which the beekeeper is also proud surveyor to the Imperial House of Japan. However all different kinds of monoflora honey have a common pecullarity: untouched, strictly organic extra virgin and from certified pollution - free pastures.

The farm also produces with the same rigorous way pollen and royal jelly. All the production is prepared in glass jars, has stock control label codes and is packed in cartons.

A mention should be made regarding the actual rearing of the swarms because this has a remarkable productive power, more than a thousand swarms annualy which can be delivered all year round. Swarms are also reared of a type of bee peculiar to the sicilian country.