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Updated 20/08/2000


A clone of PicClip Visual Basic OCX in full delphi vcl source code, with same properties and methods. With this component you can treat a single image as many little images like in a grid.

Download TPicClip source


A TImage compatible component with zoom capabilities.  High speed zooming and scrollbars. Now 100% compatible with TImage component and jpeg unit, improved transparent property and scrollbar movement. Sorce code avaible!

Download TImageZoom source + demo


The fastest, easiest way to retrieve your records.
TSearcher is a component which gives its best performances in client/server applications, where limit the amount of data to that ones which are really necessary is a must.  For that reason i've not exploited the dataset filtering instructions, as these instructions, in particular cases, bring the whole data cursor in your local memory and only here they apply the filter. Viceversa,  TSearcher filters the data only at server level. TSearcher builds a SQL statement with some search criteria that user sets; the used SQL is based on SQL97. Is now programmable with XML scripting language and 100% compatible with TField component.


The fastest, easiest way to retrieve your records
TSearcherDialog is a dialog with which you can search in a moment the desired record/s. TSearcherDialog is based on TSearcher component and have the same filter options.


Addin Development Kit
Do you want to make a complex application that use addin like Office 2000? Than you need this Kit...

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