Tape recorders










Grundig EN3 67-68, Germany nd cartridge tape player-recorder 3 germanium transistors 3 x AA Micro became loudspeaker when play Very good, servicing
Grundig EW3 67-68 Germany nd desktop cartridge tape player; tone vol and azymuth reg nd 220V Connectors for remote control Sufficient, working
Sanyo pack 35 nd, Japan nd cartridge tape recorder, with foward and rewind. Gauge for level/batt monitoring 4 germanium transistors 4 x ni-cd Coaxial tape holder. Use some camera mechanics Good, servicing
Geloso G258 from 61, Italy magic eye for rec, play levels, tape counter  tree speed tape player/recorder; in for micro piezo 3 tubes, 2 selenium rectifier 110-160-220V 50Hz - Good, working
Geloso G570 from 69, Italy Gauge for batt/record level monitoring 2 speed player-rec; magnetic micro with power switch (Geloso T56)  n germanium transistors 8 x C, ext 12V, 110/220V - Good, working. With bag
Sony M100 8x, Japan tape counter 2 speed player-rec; ear, int-micro/ext mic, vol nd 2 x AAA Thin construction. With holder Good, working
Sony M-9 78?, Japan - 2 speed player-rec; ear, internal micro  nd 2 x AA One of the early microcassette recorder Good, working

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