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The most important religious celebrations held at Guspini are the feast of Sant' Isidoro in spring; the feast of San Giorgio in June and that of Santa Maria in August, when celebrations are also held to mark the August Bank Holiday; they include a whole week of cultural and recreational manifestations. Other collective celebrations are held at Carnival and during the Cattle Show, as well as for the public holidays of 25 April and i May.The ancient local costume is no longer worn in Guspini, except on occasions such as folklore shows, and then only the costumes handed down in some families are worn. There is no true organised handicraft tradition, but private craftsmen do produce basket work, carved and decorated chairs, handwoven material and wrought iron. The cuisine of this town is based on the dishes normal!y to be found in the Campidano; there is a considerable production of almond sweetmeats (macaroons and meringues) and other traditional specialities ("piricchýttus", "pistocchŔddus" and "pist˛ccus  gr¨ssus").