Crobots TORNEO

The program for the official crobots tournaments

English version by Fabio " quicker "

Last updated: 22/09/2002

Program Description


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Using Crobots Torneo, you can play tournaments with up to 32 robots.

Just write a text file with extension .rob (default is torneo.rob), with

number of robots

repetitions for every match

robot1 (including full path)

robot2 (including full path)



Launch t2k1 tournamentname.rob

and wait for on screen results!

Requirements: minimum 386 with co-processor - 2 megabytes free space on HD (and other space if you want to save a complete log of all matches) - 640 Kb memory. Optimum performances with a pentium class processor.

Needs the original crobots program by Tom Poindexter or the upgraded 2k2 version. Crobots should be in the current directory (for the dos version) or in the path (for Linux version).

Matches in the tournament can be between 4 robots (default) or face2face between 2 robots. With one set of robots you can also play both 4vs4 and F2F tournaments.

Every match lasts up to 200.000 cycles. You can change default points for winner (3) and for drawers (1).

Please launch "t2k1 /?" for help.

Download TORNEO 2k1 English version for dos / Linux

A new graphical interface is now available.

Download TORNEO GUI v1.5 for windows [NEW!]

(Sorry, there is no manual. If anybody could help me in translating the program or the manual, mail me )

Download Crobots 2k3

Crobots 2k3 Win32 [NEW!] / Crobots 2k3 Dos [NEW!] / Crobots 2k3 Linux [NEW!]  

Crobots manual          

Download Count v8.3 (The best program for analisys and reports)

Win32 / Dos / Linux

Count v8.3 manual



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