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Obtain the birth certificates of your ancestors is an INDISPENSABLE AND NECESSARY element to getting citizenship and an Italian and European passport.

To obtain these birth certificates is, sometimes, difficult and expensive. And if you live overseas it complicates things even more! 


Italian citizenship's law extract    

Who are we and what exactly do we do?

How does our service work and what are the costs involved?  

How to contact us?

How long will it take to receive the requested documents?  

How will be the payment?

How will you receive the requested documents?

Why us?


We at Tramitesital are extremely serious people with many years of experience in this field. Based within Italy we research using the data you give us, exclusively, to find the birth certificates and eventually marriage or any other documents you request from us with regards to your ancestors.

No matter where you are in the world, from which epoch your ancestors come from, if there is documentation in existence of there birth, marriage etc. that you may need, we are the only people capable of finding them.

Once you are in possession of these documents all that is left to do is contact the Italian embassy or consulate in your country and the Italian citizenship and passport will be yours!

Don't put off this opportunity, tomorrow may be too late. If the law changes, you may not be able to obtain Italian citizenship!

If you wish to contact us: preferably by filling out our application form, or also by email, telephone and fax. Who else could be clearer or give you greater disposability.

E-MAIL  tramitesital@tiscali.it

FAX:  00 39 02 70054943

TEL: 00 39 333 9816529 (from monday to fraiday between 9,00/ 19,00 in Italy)

Our head office is based in Liguria but we are always travelling around Italy searching for documents.  

Now, WITH NO OBLIGATION, fill out the application form with what little information you may have about your ancestors and depending on the difficulty we will quickly let you know the exact cost of our research, including the post and packing of the said documents to your home.

We are certain that no one can seriously beat our prices and MOST IMPORTANTLY we do not ask you for any deposit and if we don't find the information you asked for there is NO CHARGE!

Once you have received our price quote and the costs are to your satisfaction you need to send us an e-mail to confirm this. We will then spring into action and begin searching for your documents.

Obviously the time that is necessary to find these documents depends on the difficulty of each case. It can take from 2 / 3 weeks to 2 / 3 months (in very difficult cases)

If we find the requested documents we will send you a copy via Internet, and if you are satisfied we will give you our address in Italy where you must send the total amount via : REGISTERED MAIL, INTERNATIONAL COURIER, WESTERN UNION, BANK CREDIT TRANSFER, OR IN THE PRE-AGREED ARRANGEMENT (WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS) The total amount will be paid in either Euro or US Dollars.

Once we have received payment we will post the original documents to the agreed address with registered post all ready to be presented to the Italian Consulate or Embassy in your country.

We do not promise miracles! We have many successes even with very difficult cases but we do not want to delude anyone, if we cannot find the authentic documents you asked for we will be sincere and tell you immediately. We do not ask for money in advance only once we have found the documents and after you having received the copy by e-mail inform us that you are satisfied will you need to pay the full amount to receive the originalÖ.. Your satisfaction is our best publicity!


Test our efficiency immediately !!




                                 E-mail   tramitesital@tiscali.it  

                          FAX:  00 39 02 700549433                

                          TEL: 00 39 333 9816529 (from monday to fraiday between 9,00/ 19,00 in Italy)


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