The Dream Syndicate

The Day Before Wine And Roses (Live at KPFK, September 5, 1982)

cover of The Day Before Wine and Roses

Album notes

Released as Normal 176 (CD) (Ger) in 1994
Reissued as Atavistic ALP42 (CD) (US) in 1995

Executive Producer: Andrea 'Enthal and KPFK-FM
Recorded at Studio ZZZZ (North Hollywood)
Engineered by Steve Barker and Leslie
Mixed by Pat McLaughlin
Art Direction/Design: Brigid Pearson
Photos: Mark Takeuchi
Liner notes by Pat Thomas


Steve Wynn - guitar, vocals
Karl Precoda - guitar
Kendra Smith - bass
Dennis Duck - drums


Some Kinda Itch (Wynn)
Mr. Soul (Neil Young)
Sure Thing (Precoda)
That's What You Always Say (Wynn)
Outlaw Blues (Bob Dylan)
Open Hour (Dream Syndicate)
When You Smile (Wynn)
Season Of The Witch (Donovan Leitch)
The Days Of Wine And Roses (Wynn)

picture of The Dream Syndicate by Mark Takeuchi

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