Kendra Smith discography

with The Suspects

1979 Talking Loud/It's Up To You (7inch) private press (US)

with The Dream Syndicate

1982 The Dream Syndicate (EP) Down There (US)
1982 The Days Of Wine And Roses (LP) Ruby (US)
1983 Tell Me When It's Over (EP) Rough Trade (UK)
1984 track Tell Me When It's Over on Greetings From The Sunny Beach (LP) Closer CL 0022 (FR)
1989 tracks Outlaw Blues & Sure Thing on Only 39,999,999 behind Thriller (LP) Down There/Restless 72325 (US)
1994 The Day Before Wine And Roses (CD) Normal (Ger)

with The Rain Parade

1983 backing vocals on track This Can't Be Today on Emergency Third Rail Power Trip (LP) Enigma E1019 (US)

with Rainy Day

1983 Rainy Day (LP) Llama/Enigma (US)
1984 lead vocal on track Holocaust, b-side of I'll Keep It With Mine (7inch) Rough Trade (UK)

with Clay Allison

1984 Fell From The Sun/All Souls (7inch) Serpent (US)
1986 track Freight Train on Don't Shoot (LP) Zippo (UK)

as Kendra Smith, David Roback, Keith Mitchell

1984 Fell From The Sun (EP) Serpent/Enigma (US)

with Opal

1985 Northern Line (EP) One Big Guitar (UK)
1987 Happy Nightmare Baby (LP) SST (US)
1987 tracks Rocket Machine & Happy Nightmare Baby on SST Godhead Storedude In-Store Play Device #3 (promo tape) SST (US)
1987 track If The Sun Don't Shine on Beyond The Wildwood - A Tribute To Syd Barrett (LP) Imaginary ILLUSION 001 (UK)
1987 track Indian Summer (7inch) with Chemical Imbalance zine #6 (UK)
1989 Early Recordings (LP) Rough Trade (US)

1987 Happy Nightmare Baby (promo video) SST
1990 Empty Box Blues (promo video) Rough Trade

as Kendra Smith

1987 Alle Morgens Parties (Flexi) with Bob zine #31 (US)
199? Stille Im Meine Hamburg (7inch split single bootleg) Overzealous Editions
1992 The Guild Of Temporal Adventurers (mini-LP) Fiasco (US)
1995 Valley Of The Morning Sun (promo CD) 4AD (US)
1995 Five Ways Of Disappearing (LP) 4AD (UK)
1995 A Brief Retrospective (promo tape) 4AD (US)
1995 track Heart And Soul on A Means To An End - The Music Of Joy Division (CD) Virgin 40660 (US)

1995 Temporarily Lucy (promo video) 4AD

If you are well informed about further Kendra's recordings that are not to be found on those already reported above, please e-mail me… thanks

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