Kendra Smith

Five Ways Of Disappearing

cover of Five Ways of Disappearing

Album notes

Released as 4AD CAD 5006 (LP/CD/Tape) (UK) & 4AD 45853 (CD/Tape) (US) on May 9th 1995
Previously issued as 4AD 2-45853-A (promo CD) (US) with black & white back sleeve and photo insert
Released later as 4AD 840590 (CD) (Fr)
Bold Marauder, In Your Head & Valley Of The Morning Sun were also issued on several 4AD promo-comps between 1994 & 1995

Produced & arranged by Kendra Smith & A. Phillip Uberman
Recorded at Dreamland, Loleta, CA
Engineered by Steve Dellay
Temporarily Lucy & Space Unadorned recorded at Paddle Ranch, Salmon Creek, CA; engineered by Kent Stephenson
All songs mixed by Kendra Smith & Steve Dellay
Drum programming by Tim Gray & Justin Hobart Brown
Prelude to Bohemian Zebulon traditional Gregorian arranged by Smith
Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver & Paul McMenamin at v23, Melodie McDaniel & A. Phillip Uberman

Tracks & Personnel

Aurelia (Smith/Uberman) 5:59
vocal & doumbek by Kendra; synth by Uberman; lead guitar by Axis; drums by M. Ali Yassemi

Bohemian Zebulon (Smith/Uberman) 4:43
vocal, pump organ, piano & percussion by Kendra; synth by Uberman

Temporarily Lucy (Smith) 4:40
vocal, guitar & pump organ by Kendra; drums by M. Ali Yassemi; bass & lead guitar by Stephenson

In Your Head (Smith/Uberman) 4:24
vocal & percussion by Kendra; guitar by Uberman; drums by Lazlo Toth; bass by Brown; ghost guitar by John McManus

Space Unadorned (Smith) 5:00
vocal, guitar, pump organ & harmonium by Kendra; bass by Uberman; drums by M. Ali Yassemi

Maggots (Smith) 4:03
vocal, guitar, piano & bass by Kendra; drums by Lazlo Toth

Drunken Boat (Smith) 3:46
vocal, guitar & feedback by Kendra; drums by M. Ali Yassemi; bass by Brown; lead guitar by Axis

Interlude Dirigible 0:42

Valley Of The Morning Sun (Smith/Uberman) 6:24
vocal & piano by Kendra; guitar by Uberman; bass by Brown; drums by Lazlo Toth

Judge Not (Smith/Uberman) 3:21
vocal & guitar by Kendra; wah guitar by Axis; guitar by Dellay

Get There (Smith/Uberman) 5:00
vocal, pump organ & percussion by Kendra

Interlude Saturn 0:38

Bold Marauder (Richard & Mimi Farina) 5:33
vocal, guitar & pump organ by Kendra

photo of Kendra Smith by Phillip Uberman

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