The Seeds hits


Pushin' Too Hard/Try To Understand (GNP 372)
Released in October 1966
Hit No. 36 (US National Chart)
Hit No. 1 (Chicago Local Chart)
Hit No. 2 (Los Angeles Local Chart)

Can't Seem To Make You Mine/I Tell Myself (GNP 354)
Released in February 1967
Hit No. 41 (US National Chart)

Mr. Farmer/Up In Her Room (GNP 383)
Released in February 1967
Hit No. 86 (US National Chart)

A Thousand Shadows/March Of The Flower Children (GNP 394)
Released in June 1967
Hit No. 72 (US National Chart)


The Seeds (GNP 2023)
Released in April 1966
Entered chart on January 14, 1967
Hit No. 132 (US National Chart)
Charted for 7 weeks

Future (GNP 2038)
Released in August 1967
Entered chart on August 12, 1967
Hit No. 87 (US National Chart)
Charted for 8 weeks

albums' info courtesy of David Gordon

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