We'll analyse your activity in order to offer you a personalized market-oriented project based on your business and the market you're operating in.
Our IT personnel will cooperate with designers, marketing experts, comunication professionals, lawyers, translators, etc. in order to create the web contents which are going to meet all your needs.

What we offer is a complete service we project and create your web pages, we buy the domain name for you, we publish your site and we create your traffic by adding you to most important search engines.
In addition, our Maintenance Service is FREE for the first year you'll pay only for the website creation.
At the end of the year we'll negotiate the maintenance price for the following year according to the size of your site and according to the changes you've requested.

If you wish to know us better, you can surf our FAVORITES or visit OUR E-STORE.

We refer mainly to companies, but we also wish to meet all those persons who wish to take part of virtual world we'll build the personal web pages or we'll publish your resume on-line on our site www.web-curriculum.com, in order to help your job search.

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